Alternative Baking Company

My Rating: Five stars
 Alternative Baking Company Overview: "Our cookies look and taste like the very best traditionally made cookies - no kidding! -- but contain no dairy, no eggs, no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, no cholesterol, no animal ingredients, no artificial ingredients, and no refined sugar.”— Alternative Baking Company
My Review: A week ago I contacted the Alternative Baking Company asking if they would allow me to review their products. The Alternative Baking Company offers a large selection of guaranteed fresh bakes cookies for your enjoyment. From Luscious Lemon Poppyseed to Double Chocolate Decadence, you will find a variety of flavors that will tame any sweet tooth. 
A few weeks back I purchased two of the Alternative Baking Company cookies at the local health food store and was instantly hooked. So when the company agreed to send me sampled to test and review, I was elated! Alternative Baking Company's goal is to make "the best cookie in the Galaxy". This statement made by the company is true. These cookies, which are one-hundred percent Vegan cookies, are not just for Vegans. In fact, these cookies are so good, that even those who eat meat, dairy, and eggs will not be able to resist the delectable temptation these cookies posses.
These cookies are truly the best of both worlds; combining healthy ingredients and that soul satisfying sweetness we all crave the Alternative Baking Company has created a cookie that can be enjoyed by even the smallest cookie consumer. The amount of cookie you get in each individual package is mind blowing. Not only do you get a healthy cookie that is savory, but it is one big cookie! The Alternative Baking Company definitely does not skimp out when it comes to offering their customers the “best cookie in the galaxy”.
If you’re looking for the perfect snack to end your day or just something sweet to dunk in your tall glass of cold milk, then you might want to try the Alternative Baking Company. With their big and moist cookies, packed with many of the irresistible savory flavors we are all used to, you can’t go wrong! Reward yourself and not feel guilty about doing it. Your tummy will thank you later!


  1. I think I've had these once before. THey sound SO GOOD! Next time i see them, I'll have to try them out :)

  2. I LOVE those cookies. Whenever I see them at the local health store I get them. They are the best. My favorite flavor is lemon poppy seed.

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