It will be Okay...

it will be okay
"Write. I have always kept and journal and I write down my thoughts, whatever they may be. Getting them down on paper helps me move past them a little. "
Whatever you are going through, whether it is cancer, school, friends, family, or you are fighting a spiritual battle, write it down in a journal and take it all to God. He can help you far greater than any human being possibly could. And He will Love you no matter what the situation or the circumstance is. Put your trust in faith and Him. You will be Okay.


  1. Good. I'm glad. I saw that and knew I had to put it up. I needed to read that, too. I thought I'd pass it along. :D

  2. Hey, Emily. I don't know if you got my comment on your other blog, An Endless Story, but for my new feature Author to Author I would like you to begin. If you would like to, either email me at or respond to this comment. If you have not responded in some way in about three days, I'm going to have to ask another person to be featured.
    Don't want to sound harsh! But I would like to post an Author to Author someday soon.

  3. Thanks so much for the reminder :D


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