Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Suprising Dissapointments

It's been a while since I have actually written anything that doesn't pertain to giveaways. Yes, I know! It's time I put away the giveaway syndrome for a while and stick to doing what I do best-write. So here I am today letting you know what's been happening in my life as of late. Let me just say this, it's been, well, a learning curve with an uncontrollable roller coaster ride of emotions built in.

Three weeks ago, my mom and dad took me to see Dr. Asa Andrews. He's supposed to be some type of nutritional doc, but it turns out he's a chiropractor. Anyway, that was beside the point. Every since I hit puberty I have been dealing with a nasty sum of issues that have to do with food allergies and digestive issues. My mom and dad thought it was due to the fact that I had grown so fast in a short amount of time that everything was having a hard time catching up.

Well, it continued for about five years before we really started to investigate what the underlying cause was for this unexplainable problem that was plaguing me. So about two years ago, after a Christmas Party my Grandma Jarvis was having at her school for all her fellow Cafeteria ladies, my mom and I realized that this was a much bigger issue that we had originally thought. There was something more to the picture that we couldn't explain for find any reliable answer for. That was then. After the Christmas party, my mom began searching for answers. And I did, too, because I wanted to know what was wrong. I wanted to feel better and to be able to eat without my stomach feeling like it had thousands of knifes cutting at it.

Upon doing an extensive search for remedies or someone who could help, my mom ran across Dr. Rick Clifford a chiropractor that does wonders with food allergies, pressure points, re-adjusting and much more! When my mom first booked the appointment, we were skeptical.The program he put me on was (I mean is) called N.A.E.T. It's a little wacky-the whole process-but it works! Dr. Clifford was the first step in becoming healthy again. With 35lbs gone down the drain due to my lack of eating (because my stomach was sensitive), I had to do something more. While Dr. Clifford was working, my mom and dad still wanted a more definite answer. Yes, I was allergic to everything I ate, but he fixed it was time to find out why I was still having issues.

Turns out, after visiting Dr. Asa Andrews (for further investigation) here in Nashville, I am unable to digest food. Period. That is, without vitamins and supplements to aid my digestion. Also, I have come to find out that I am allergic to cows milk and gluten. Well, that was a blow, but a semi-easy fix. Now and forever I will not be allowed to drink or eat anything dairy unless it's sheep/goat's milk, cheese, etc.

I am praying that this year will be more effective and productive than last year. However, I don't know if I would call last year unproductive. I did learn a lot by the trials I was going through. My boss (I used to work at a Karate Dojo teaching kids Karate) was making my school year stressful. And on top of that, I was trying to understand my Tennessee History teacher, who could care less if I even excised (that's college for you).

So over the summer I was offered two jobs. All I can say is that this is a God send. After I quit my job at Karate, I was wondering how I would make some extra spending money because my mom and dad don't believe in giving us an allowance (that's understandable...they do a lot for me as it is!). It turns out that Vol State Comm. College in Gallatin had reviewed my American History 101 grade and had received a recommendation from my teacher. What's that mean? Because of my grade and the letter of recommendation from the teacher, I was offered a job as an SI leader. (You can learn more about what an SI leader is HERE). Unfortunitely, I had to quit due to some very surprising and unexpected circumstances (nothing to do with me personally, but I cannot work in the same conditions very similar to Karate). However, in addition to the job at college, I was offered another job that involved my favorite thing-history! I will be working at Mansker's Station in Goodletsville, TN as a re-enactor. I am so blessed. When God closes one door, He opens another.

And that was pretty much my whole week, really. It was despicable to a certain degree and a time in my life I wish to never revisit. But, I have learned quiet a bit and am yet to learn more. So, I leave you know with a silent prayer and a verse of encouragement:
"But You, O LORD, are a shield for me, My glory and the One who lifts up my head. I cried to the LORD with my voice, And He heard me from His holy hill. I lay down and slept; I awoke, for the LORD sustained me. I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people. Who have set themselves against me all around."~Psalm 3:3-6
Until next time, Adios Amigos. God Bless you all. :)


  1. I'm sorry to hear that!!! I've been eating Gluten free for a few years along with some of my siblings! I'm also allergic to dairy! A good milk that I like to have in ceral is Alomnd milk! Or rice,and soy Almond and rice are pretty watrered down compared to Soy! Soy is really thick! Although now I'am told I'm allergic to eggs,soy,rice,dairy,wheat, and corn! But I guess I can have them every once in a while,but not all the time! Although I know Dairy and Wheat I def. cannot have! My mom has Celiac and also has Lymes,and her Lymes Dr. recomened putting our whole entire house under the gluten free diet,so it will be,easier! But after you've been eating this way for a year it's actually fairly easy! I'm going to give you some tips. If you were highly allergic/absoultely cannot eat wheat and dairy then you shouldn't use bowls that have had wheat cereal in them or anything else for that matter! If you have anything stainless steel that is what you can use! They now have Gluten Free Betty Crocker box mixes,but those really don't quailify since if you read the back (it may actually not say,but it should) it was made in the same place as stuff with wheat,so there might be traces in it! It doesn't affexct me though accept my body recats by damaging my inside where you really don't know until a few years later! Dairy I get hives! Well I hope this was helpful! I hope you will be feeling better!

  2. I'm really sorry Emily! :(

    Oh my goodness, I completely forgot about writing you your pen pal letter. I will do it ASAP! I have been really busy. EEK!


  3. For me since those items are allergys I noticed a difference from not eating/drinking milk within 2 months! lol, I was going good for a while! Lately I've been horrable! I stay on the Gluten free diet perfectly (well almost last year my nephew had a birthday party and I had to have a peice of pizza)!! I went on this detoxinating diet where you eat fruits and veggies only! Not that was amzingly difficult! Betty Crocker(at least up here) has some cake,cookie and brownie box mixes! There at Walmart over here! I'll have to tell you about this amazing bread we found it is awesome! I would love to keep in touch with you! Let me double check with my parents though! I'll pray that this will diet will help!

  4. WOw, sounds like you've been going through a lot!

    We are gluten free family and my mom and sister are lactose in tolerant. Seem like more and more people are either gluten free or lactose an tolerant these days...

  5. I saw your notice about interviews...I don't kniw if I'm 'interesting' enough, but I'd love to do it!
    God Bless Emily!


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