True Love Waits Journal

You know how a lot of girls take to the habit of writing in a journal or diary their secrets, dreams, fantasies and deepest desires? Well, it's only been a practice for, like, forever!

And do you know how they make you write a letter to your future spouse in the True Love Waits programs at church? Well, at my church we have one every other year, and it's a popular event. Each year it just a little different, but it's always fun!

So, on the last day of the True Love Waits session, they have us write letters. Nothing fancy. Jjust something simple, sweet-a statement of our promise and commitment. I wrote one one while I attended back in 2007. That was a while back, but it's still in the gift box. Never been opened. Other than by myself.

I like to take a peek every once in a while to refresh myself on the vow that I have made and signed on paper.

After True Love Waits, I got to thinking. Why not combine the classy, blissfulness of the journal and the romantic, sincerity of the True Love Waits letter? I tried writing a letter everyday for a whole year--like Noah did in the Notebook.

But did that happen? Nope!

I decided that everyday was hard to keep up with, and the things in the letters sounded more and more like a pity party than the I Love You letters I was intending them to be. I write occasionally on things about love, life, and growing.

The things that confuse me!

I ask questions to my future soul mate and wonder often who he is and what he'll look like. I add poems, quotes and bible verses here and there for inspiration when I have nothing else to say. It's just a great way for me to feel connected to the one I love, but don't even know.

I write about my hopes and dreams and remind him of my promise to stay pure and let him know that I am praying daily for his purity and commitment to the Lord. I do not want to marry a man who is not lost in the love of the Lord. What kind of man would he be then?

This journal of letters keeps reminding me of my commitment, it helps me to stay on track and keeps me focused on the bigger and better things in life, rather than worrying about the little things. Jesus has all of that covered! The journal is my love story, my fairy tale. Now, I am just waiting to write down the end.

Where will I be? What will I be doing? Only God knows, and I am willing to follow!


  1. Thank you for sharing this, Emily. I love the idea and I think I'll start doing it myself. What a great way to write down all those thoughts we have in our head. I love it. :)

    ~Emily N.

  2. I know many other girls write to their future husbands too. I like your idea, it's very unique! And like you said, a great reminder of your commitment! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I wrote my future husband a love letter in December. I sometimes look back and read it; it reminds me of my commitment to remain pure for him. Wonderful post! I'm following your blog. :)


  4. That was beautiful how you put that into words. I've been doing the True Love waits journal for some time now, and it has helped me greatly. But I've never though to call it my true love waits journal. :)


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