Review: Resurrection in May by Lisa Samson

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Synopsis: May Seymour graduated from college with the world at her feet and no idea what to do with it. A mission trip to Rwanda brought her a sense of purpose in loving others. So when the genocide began she chose to remain in the village, which was subsequently slaughtered. Only May survived. May journeyed to heal on the farm of Claudius Borne, a sweet, innocent old man who understood plants and animals far better than people. Years later, having not stepped a foot off Claudius' farm, May learns an old college flame, now a death-row inmate, is refusing to appeal his sentence. Can she convince him to grab hold of life once again? Their surprising friendship turns the tables, for the prisoner, Eli Campbell, has a deeper faith from which to draw than she. Eli slowly begins to pull May from her cloistered existence. With the help of Eli, their tiny town, and ultimately a renewal of faith, May comes to life once again.

My Review: The beginning was really strange. I am not sure whether it was due to my lack of reading more modern literature, or what. But I found it confusing and hard to follow. I was thrown of kilter and taken aback at the writing style of the author; it wasn't something I've encountered before. Although the beginning of the book was dull and disappointing (and in my opinion poorly written), the rest of the book wasn't as bad, it was actually kind of cute. I did struggle, however, to continue reading this book because it failed to capture my attention (again, I believe this is primarily due to my lack of reading more modern novels). However, of you are looking for something different to read, I would say go for it. Broaden your horizon and experience the different writing styles of a variety of authors. Nothing against Lisa Samson personally, I just wasn't impressed. But don't take what I have to say to heart, you might actually enjoy this read. So, don't let me prevent you from reading or thinking better of the book and/or the author. It's just my opinion.


  1. Yea I don't read to many new novels either :) I'll look into it though! Thanks for sharing :)


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