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Here's something you may not know about me: I am a volunteer historical re-enactor. Yes, my family and I go on-and-off to a historical site in Goodletsville, Tennessee, known around these parts, as Mansker's Station. Not only is there a pretty good sized reproduction fort (station) on site, but there is also a 200 year old house, called the Bowen House. Both are pretty neat places to experience live historical re-enactments, fairs and encampments. We've been volunteers at the site for about four years now, and have put an exuberant amounts of time and energy into gathering a good sized collection of 18th century garb that many of the settlers in the Middle Tennessee region would wear on a daily basis. Actually, we've sewed most of our clothing, except for a few pieces. And I am currently in the process of piecing together a 18th Century Galla Gown.

Believe it or not, I am a history buff. This is true. At times I tend to get frustrated with people who get their facts all whopper-jawed, or bend certain parts of history to make it more or less appealing and untrue...(this might be the reason I don't like watching Pawn Starts :)). But besides that, I'm a fairly easy-going history lover who is dedicated to helping others learn about their country's heritage. It's my passion. What can I say? I plan on becoming a Historian in the near future. I don't rightly know what field of history I will be heading into, whether it's a specific field, a range of fields, I can't say for sure at this moment. But I do know that this is my God given desire and talent; I am going to put all my effort into doing whatever the Lord has be to do, or be!

Skipping all of the boring, less interesting details about my life....*Fast-forwarding the tape*........Okay, so today my mom, brother and I decided it would be a good day to go visit Mansker's Station since we hadn't been there in a while. And we just happened to go on the hottest day of the year. Great. I believe the heat index was around 101 degrees. Way too hot to be outside all day long. However, that's exactly where I found myself. Except it was rather enjoyable. Not only did we go to the site to catch up on "old times", we also went to practice some cooking over the open fire. If you've never cooked over an open fire, you have no idea what your missing!

So, while we were there, my mom (she does most of the cooking) and I realized we'd forgotten to bring some essential ingredients needed to make a few food related items that we were going to practice making. Silly us! *Slaps palm of hand to forehead*. Turns out we'd forgotten: pie crust, cheese, oil, sugar and butter. All of these ingredients we needed to make a homemade Apple Pie and flat bread.

"Oops, I suppose no lunch? No Apple Pie!?" I had asked my mom, alarmed and very disappointed I wasn't going to get my Apple Pie. I was looking forward to that all week. *Tears*. Those things happen I guess. So much for the sweet, flaky, Apple Pie straight from the Dutch Oven.I'm a little obsessed over this pie thing, aren't I? You would be too, if you knew what a Apple Pie tasted like over the open flame. Delish!

Instead of Apple Pie, we had fried apples and flat bread (it was interesting with just flour and water...something was missing). It was a fair lunch. About what they normally would have had back in the day. But I wasn't complaining. Everything tastes good when you're hot and hungry, even unsalted flat bread that didn't turn out like it should have. Ha!

While mom did her cooking, I did some stitching of a sampler that I started a while back. I don't think I will ever make another one with so many French Knots. My fingers are so calloused! It hurts. :P We stayed at the site until the food was made and it was 1:00. After eating, we packed up and headed out. That was until we met up with a lady that did basket making. Very interesting! We'll be doing a basket making class at the end of next month. Yay!

So, that was a small glimpse into my historic life. Not much to write home about, but obviously enough to make a blog post out of it! Well, I hope to see you all tomorrow and my daily rounds of blog reading. Sorry i don't comment like I should. Enjoy your week end!


  1. That is so cool! Sounds like so much fun! :D


  2. How cool! Awesome post, Emily :)


  3. Wow, I am only 1 hour away from Goodlettsville! :D


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