Horror Films

I prefer not to submerse myself in such brain washing horror films. Indeed, Steven King is a brilliant writer, but not one that I favor to read. To me horror movies degrade and thwart the value of the life God has given us. I see no value in watching something so demonic. What good does it do?

I would agree with Steven King’s statement, “I think we are all mentally ill,” only if he was talking about himself and his fellow horror fiction authors and movie makers. I disagree with this statement applying to everyone.

Being scarred of bugs, scared of the dark, talking to yourself, or even humming to yourself shouldn’t categorize anyone as “mentally ill.” In the Bible is says our eyes are the windows to our souls. If we feed our souls with this garbage, we will unconsciously start to think and act that way. It’s cause and effect—if we watch people being killed over and over (like playing video games), then we will become brain washed.

Death will seem normal.

The effect will be death, caused by school shooting and such. Is that normal? I don’t think so. We shouldn’t fill our minds with ungodly forms on entertainment. Yes, I am the odd person out of bunch.

I am no fun.

I’ve got no life.

I choose not to fill my mind with these horror movies because it’s not pleasing to God. I want to have a pure heart and mind. I do not want to be influences with the horror movies’ usual outburst of rage and dead people out to kill the living. It’s not reality. It’s imaginary, and that’s just as scary as if it we all real.


  1. Well put. I agree.
    I really, really dislike horror films. They have no value, nothing that makes them worthwhile or helps you learn some life skill. (Or anything, for that matter...besides how to avoid zombies or whatever).

  2. Hey Emily,
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