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You know, ever since I have started this blog, I can't remember every allowing myself to just express myself by letting you all know some facts about me. I know I've danced around the whole idea of giving out snippets of myself, exposing to you all who I really am. I have come to realize that allowing others to see who you really are enables them to feel like they can relate to you. So, since I claim to be "original" and "unaverage", why do I keep myself hidden and locked up behind these, at times, very impersonal posts? No one gets to know who I am deep down inside when I pretend to be someone I'm not, or don't show the real me. That's so pointless. And yet, I find myself doing this so I don't have to spend anymore time than I have to at posting.

How lazy of me!

So, today I'm going to start being me and allowing myself to post more about the random things in my life. That way people can get to know me. Not much happens in my life. But I prefer it that way...sometimes!

Are you ready to enter the world of insanity, the world I like to call "mentally hilarious"? Are you sure? I mean, some of the things my family and I do are a BIT disturbing, especially to those who are week in the stomach and knees. Warning: you may need mental help after each post! Just kidding. :P

Here's the basic info; something some of you may not know:

What's your full name?: Emily Shae Kirk. I like my first name, although I think it has become a bit overused. No offense to any other girls with the name Emily! I'm just stating an opinion, not an insult. I was born in the early 90s, and at that time the name wasn't very popular. But now, it's everywhere. Freaky! But, at the same time super cool. My middle name, Shae, was given to me after my Aunt Shae. It means Falcon in Gaelic. I thought that was sweet! Before I was born, I was almost an Emily Elizabeth. But thank God my mom didn't name me that. Although, I would have loved it if she has stuck to naming me Charlotte, or Emily Ann. But plain old Emily Shae Kirk is suitable enough, don't you think?

Do you have any nicknames?: I'm afraid none that are original. Many people call me Em, Emmy, Emmaflee (my sister does). Gimli (my brother does), or the unromantic, totally annoying Hey-You!

How old are you?: I'm 17 and only 1 year from being an official adult. Gulp. What? Where did time go? I don't want to grow up. I'm going to stay 5 forever! Yes, I will!

Got a horoscope?: Um, duh! I'm a Sagittarius. Not that it's really important. I just thought you'd like to know! I looked up what a Sagittarius was the other day, and it was scary just how similar I was to it's description. 

What gender are you?: I got to stop asking these stupid questions to myself! I'm about to die of laughter. Ha! Ha! As most of you know--I hope you all know-- I'm FEMALE. That's what I am. I am a G.I.R.L. So, let's not get any crazy ideas here.

What schools did you go to in elementary, middle school and high school?:  I was home schooled from day 1 all the way through high school. I had a love/hate relationship with it for a long time. I learned to love it after a while, thought. That was by the time I graduated! Only joking.

What college are you attending?: Vol State Comm. College in Gallatin, Tennessee. And guess what, College is going to be the 1st time I've ever stepped foot into a public school. How crazy!

What's your hair color?: I don't know what you'd call it to be honest. I've heard that it's either a dark Chestnut or a dark Maple color. But, I'm not sure how they got either color...they're so opposite of each other. I'd prefer the maple. I've always wanted to have red hair like Ann Shirley. It's such a strikingly beautiful color! Either that, or I'd take raven black hair like the Native Americans. I didn't seem to get the trait. :P

Do you have long or short hair?: I want to have long hair so badly! I'm dying to let my hair grow out to at least my lower back, if not longer. I'm getting there, though. I'm just below the shoulders. 

Are you loud or quiet?: My mom says I am a loud mouth when I'm at home. When I'm in public or around certain people I don't like, or don't know, I am quiet.

Which do you prefer Sweats or Jeans?: Neither. I hate sweats, they make me so sweaty. Plus their uncomfortable. And I really don't like wearing jeans. They ride up a little too much for my comfort. I prefer wearing shorts; I wear them all year long! I'm insane, yes it's true.

What would you rather have a phone or a camera?: My camera because I bought it myself. It's special to me and I enjoy taking pictures way more that talking on the phone. Besides, I love hand written sentiments. 

Would you consider yourself to be a health freak?: In some ways, yes. That usually entails: trying not to fall, hit my head on the door, stub my toes or hit myself. As for the eating part of being a health freak? My family and I, we eat pretty healthy (we don't out more than 2-3 times a year), but we don't pay attention to calories or carbs. What's the point in eating if you can't enjoy it?

Have you ever had a crush on someone?: I used to have a crush on Kirk Cameron. He's my favorite actor! Other than Kirk, I can't really remember ever having a crush on any of my guy friends. They were all kind of icky looking and liked Pokemon.

Do you have any piercings?: Not a single one. After my sister got her ears done about 12 years back, I have never wanted mine done. The gun they used to pierce the ears scared me way too much. [I'm sort of a chicken when it comes to enducing bodily harm upon myself. But, I seem to be OK with it when it's voluntary].

Are you social or anti-social?: I like to be alone. However, I would consider myself to be a social person even though I'm really not the kind of person who you'd see hanging out in a large group setting. One or two people is all I can handle.

Are you a lefty or a rightly?: My left side is stronger than my right, which is crazy considering I write with my right hand. I'm all Topsy-turvy.

What was your first relationship?: I've never been in a relationship with anyone other than my family and the Lord Jesus Christ. They are sufficient. Right now I'm trying to focus on school, work and enjoying blessed singleness.

Who was your first BF?: Mariah Wingate. We were best buds for 4 years in Florida before I had to move to Tennessee. Not my mom and sissy are my BFFs!

What was your first pet?: It was 2 cats: Ralf and Spanky. Then I had a dog names Jake. All three animals are no longer with us now. At the moment I have 4 cats: Snowbell, Sam Wise Gamgee, Yoda, and Puzzle.

What was your first big vacation?: To Williamsburg,Virginia when I was 8 years old. I was in heaven!

When was your first big birthday?: Um, last year. My whole family was there. It was a full house!

When was your first surgery?: I was three when I think I had my first surgery. It was to remove a cyst of some sort that was growing on my lower eye lid. Majorly scary!

What is the first sport you joined?: Karate. I love it! I started 12 years ago and am still doing it. At the moment I am a 3rd Degree Black Belt.


  1. I enjoyed reading your questions and answers, Emily! Neat idea!

  2. Awesome! I want to get my ears pierced, I just have to get brave enough...lolz!:)

  3. Haha! So, how is it interviewing yourself:D This was fun to read and definitely gives us a better look at who you are.

  4. I really enjoyed this! I'm glad you're making your beautiful blog more about you! We can all learn something from each other.


  5. Cool! I have a cat named Yoda too!! LOL! We named him that because one of his feet is crumpled and when he was little he hobbled and his ears looked like Yoda's. :)
    And I'm never getting my ears pierced either! I hate needles. I wear those realistic looking clip-ons from Claire's. :P


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