While I'm Waiting

Yes, I am showing you another video. I don't want you all to get bored while I write up a post. This song actually has to do with the theme of my next post. I've been struggling with the feeling of emptiness, desiring God to boldly move through me, but not feeling anything, except frustration. And I have learned, that there is a time in everyone life when God lets us rest, contemplate on the past and wait for His next move. So, what I have begun to do is this: worship while I am waiting. God is in control, I am only a human being with many flaws, someone who is too focused on everything around me, someone who is who is moving constantly. Taking a step back and letting God take control, I have become a happier person. I am worshiping while waiting!


  1. Amen! Its good that you're not waiting for the feeling but choosing to worship while you're waiting! Hey, this is kind of related to the article that I wrote for Generation Pure...did you get my email?


  2. Hey, Emily,
    I wanted to make sure you got my response to your question about kits—they're all okay. (I love the kit Midnight Blue! I have to buy that one some time! :)

    And, yes, you can use more than one kit.

    (if you got my prev. response, then don't bother your head about this...I never know if replying on the comments works or not. :)



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