Blissful Vacation

Vacation. Ah! I love the sound of that word. The word vacation to me means a bunch of different things: Peace. Tranquility. Inspiration. Family Time. Sunshine. Relaxation. Merrymaking. Blissful enjoyment. Of course there are other words to describe vacation. But to me, these words seem to describe vacation when it's at it's best. 
 As we all know, vacations don't always go according to plan. Many of us let our whole vacations go to ruin when the smallest, most harmless things happen. For example: when it starts to rain, a store or site that we've been utterly dying to go to is closed, or something unexpected comes up causing us to have to leave early. All of which are a series of unfortunate events. Yet, no matter how unfortunate the circumstance might seem while on vacation, it's up to us whether we let it spoil the rest our vacation. 
This is why I don't plan my vacations. Um, let me rephrase that...I do plan where I'll be going. But after that, I try to stay as flexible as possible by letting life take the wheel. Plus, a vacation would be no good if you didn't know where you were headed. Unless you purposefully wanted to get lost somewhere along the way. *Smiles real big and blushes.*  In reality, it's easier to take life by the horns and do everything yourself, but it doesn't leave a lot of room for fun, does it? It's the same way when we depend on ourselves for everything and try to take care of sorrows, joys, trials, and so forth without the help of God. How much fun is a trail when you don't let God share in your troubles? We're supposed to take joys in our trains, aren't we? Um, Yeah! That's what James 1:2 says. Check it out!
Anyhow, just a few weeks ago in Williamsburg, VA, my family and I were at Busch Gardens. [I know, your probably thinking...what;s this got to do with the rest of the post? Well, you will find out my fine friends, Be patient.] It started out miserably hot and muggy. The sun threatened to burn any flesh that was the least bit exposed. And the clouds that hung high in the sky did little to protect us from the heat. Towards the end of the day, however, it started to rain--a major blessing considering it was at least ninety-seven degrees! At first we all wanted to leave Busch Gardens. We were already so hot and ill-content that it wasn't worth trudging through the place in wet clothes. Besides, everyone else was leaving! Thankfully, dad had this hair-brained idea that we should stay. What? Stay? Was he crazy or something? I think the sun might have messed around with his mind a little, but because my dad wanted to stay, the whole family got to do things we normally would not have been able to do on an obnoxiously crowded summers day--we got to ride all of the roller-coasters over and over again without ever having to stand in line! was fun. :)

Now, that I'm in Florida, I've had more time on my hands then I know what to do with. In all honesty, it's driving my nuts! I am an active person and just sitting around drives me batty. I suppose taking time to relax hasn't been that bad. It's actually come as a blessing. For the last month and a half, I've been on vacation...literally! Non-stop vacation. It's been rather nice. Since I've been working non-stop for four years (wasn't always a happy job) I have never taken off for vacation longer than maybe a week and a half. I am a loyal employee. Maybe, too loyal perhaps and under-appreciated as well. And in the words of Bilbo Baggins:
I feel... thin. Sort of stretched, like... butter scraped over too much bread. I need a holiday. A very long holiday. And I don't expect I shall return. In fact I mean not to.
Don't worry, I'm coming back. However, that's beside the point. After all the times I wanted to quit, give up and wash my hands clean of my job, I stuck to it and persevered (not that I entirely wanted to...I completely despise that job). But it does feel good to complete a goal, or a job to the fullest. I've learned a great deal of things. Now, after working hard, it's been kinda nice to sit back and not do anything at all. Ah, sweet relaxation! Where have you been all my life? 
At long last, I get to have my vacation! Indeed, this is a blessing from God that I would have the opportunity to be able to just sit around and relax...maybe. I suppose this is why I like going with the flow while I'm on vacation. No one tells you what do to, so why make yourself do it when you know you don't want to? *Shrugs shoulders and gives goofy grin.* Whatever happens-- happens for a very good reason. It's one of Gods many blessings: that we are allowed to relax and enjoy life to it's fullest. It's a splendid way to explore and admire the works of God!
It took me my whole vacation to realize that it's better to be flexible, than to get all upset when something doesn't go your way. Opportunities come and go. Life flies by when your on vacation. So, you never want to miss out on anything. It's way too important. Live. Laugh. Love. Those are words to live by. And so are the words: take life as it comes. It will never be a perfect life we lead. But, it's the life God have why not life it to the best of our abilities?


  1. Looks like fun!! :D I love vacations!! Yes, you're so right. They never play-out the way we planned them to. :)

  2. Your blog looks SO INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Hope your having fun on your vacation! Sorry its so hot here in florida!

    Love the new blog look by the way :)

  4. Please post about your new look now!!!! :P I've been wondering about the AWESOME new look ever since I go to your blog!!!! :D

    ...and I reallyyy agree with this post. We only have two weeks holidays here in Australia, we're in the middle of Winter LOL, and we're just hanging out.. and I'm gonna take the time to write, because I don't get a lot of time to do that:)

  5. First of all, I LOVE the new blog design. It is so pretty! I absolutly love it.

    It sounds like you had a great vacation! I loved seeing the pictures.



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