I took a peek...

Yes, I know! I have betrayed all sense of dignity and restraint. I have left behind my innocent ways and have tasted the dark side. Forgive me, but I took a sneak peek at the movie TWILIGHT!

 Uhg. I feel so dirty. 

Really. I do!

As I watched the very beginning of this movie I did not feel attracted to it at all. Instead, I felt repulsed and my spirit felt alarmed.

This feeling I got while watching this movie was almost like a warning to NOT watch it. 

I can't explain this feeling, but this movie "Twilight" has an angelic darkness to it-- which it captivating to some, but to me it was creepy. I've seen some dark, depressive and reclusive movies, but this one tops the list.

I could not watch this movie any further and doubt I will ever want to see this movie AGAIN! No! No! No! Not for me. 

I feel so weirded out it's unbelievable. 

What happened to me while watching the beginning of the movie? I don't know, but I now that it was a feeling, a pressuring, and an urgency from God telling me not to watch this movie any further.

Some of you like this movie--good for you. But just because you like it doesn't mean I have to.

My view are my own and I will not stray from them. I just don't understand why someone would want to watch such a creepy movie when there are other movies out there that offer so much more?


  1. I completely agree, Emily! One girl posted a video clip of a baseball scene from Twilight on her blog and I didn't realize what it was at first. I clicked play and right away, I knew something wasn't right. When I realized what I was really watching I felt this dark cloud come over me and I immediately felt dirty. It was something I can't really explain, but as soon as I realized what I was watching I instantly could hear myself screaming, "Turn it off! I can't watch this anymore!" And that's exactly what I did. I don't know... I just can't really explain it.

  2. You go girl! I really dislike Twilight {the movie and the Twilight-mania}.It almost seems like something of the Devil with what you and Eldarwen have said. I feel certian it is.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. And before I type anything else, I want you to know that I really respect and admire the fact that you decided to share this on your blog, for all to see. That was really brave. And it had to have felt liberating.
    Now to the movie-ugh, they completely disgust me! I have seen like 10 seconds of one of the commercials, and I about puked. There is a satanic quality about them, and they are sooo dark and almost demonic. I've always felt this way towards the Harry Potter movies, but even those were NEVER half as filthy and devilish. Seriously, we really need to pray. These movies are doing nothing but harm to those who watch them, and it's amazing how Satan will use every possible avenue to trap us and bring us into bondage.

  4. I meant to include this in my last comment, but forgot to. This verse came immediately to mind when I read your post.

    Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. Philippians 4:8
    Ummm...I don't think anything could be more contradictory to this verse than the Twilight movies are...

  5. I sooo agree with you Emily! I watched the trailer on YouTube, and I just went, "Yuck, WHO in their RIGHT MIND, would watch this movie and LIKE it?????" Ew...and the guys' eyes...ach, it was so demon filled!! I'm glad I have parents who will not allow us to watch those sort of movies...they are so demon filled. YUCK!

  6. Yes, Amy! I fell the same way. Yuck! I know that people like this movie; I'm not trying to insult them. But, the movie itself is ridden with evil, filth and satanic views. No way will I submerse myself in this "demonic plague".

  7. Amen Emily! Completely agree with you!!

  8. The creepy thing is that after just seeing "previews" and bits of scenes at walmart, my older sister had nightmares about the werewolf from twilight. :( And unfortuantely, one of my distant cousins said I looked like Bella. And if I died my hair brown...I really would.

    But I like the name Bella, anyways...so if I ever have a girl, I'd want to name her that...but not b/c of TWILIGHT! Yick...hate that movie. I've never seen/read but somehow I know an awful lot about it. The good thing is after a few years no one will remember twilight and it'll go the way of all bad novels—a trip to the highest shelf of the "Forgotten Books" aisle.

    We saw the trailer for it before Prince Caspian {in theaters} and I was freaked out and I usually can take dark, morbid, creepy things VERY well!!

    ~Awel P.

    p.s. can't wait till you see your order. :) :)


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