I know this is a little in advance....

June 2, 2010

 But I wanted to let you all know sooner-than-later that I am going to be changing my blog name to one of the following: 1) Be The Wave, 2) For the Love of a King, 3) Embracing Accusation, 4) Meant to Live, 5) Grace Like Rain, or 6) One Life to Love.

However, the URL will stay exactly the same, unless I decide to change it later on. So, as of August 1st, this blog will no longer be called Thoughts of a Small Town Girl. I have grown to love this blog name, but I feel it is time to step out of the ordinary and do something different. However, I will be using this name for my photography blog, so it won't be completely gone to waist!

Have a great rest of the week. And please take note of the poll on the sidebar. Vote for your favorite blog name!

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  1. Great! A poll is a good idea. I am also chanigng my blog name, this month though.look forward to the result!



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