Are you in the mood to watch a tear-jerking movie that is safe for the whole family? Did you like Facing The Giants? Well, you are going to LOVE Fireproof. At first glance you might think that Fireproof is one of those cheep, intrusive, and overly-religious movies. On the contrary, this movie is a must see. It is an amazing movie with an amazing message to those who are married, engaged, and even teens.

It was eye opening-- for me especially-- to see that marriages aren't smooth and flawless. In fact, marriage is a bumpy road: some make it through, while others go their separate ways. It makes you think about getting wait or not to wait? To get to know the other person, or not? I mean, we never know what we're going to get ourselves into, so it's best we wait and get to know our "potential" mate before diving into a lifelong commitment. Safety first!

Kirk Cameron plays a talented and dedicated fire captain [Caleb Holt] who comes off as realistic and grounded. However, Caleb Holt could better be described as a man with a  slew of off-the-wall problems. His wife Catherine (Erin Bethea) wants to divorce him because she can't take competing with her husband's addiction to pornography anymore, and the fact that Caleb isn't committed to making the marriage work. His addiction threatens to tear the couples marriage apart. 

At first, Caleb doesn't want to try to mend the pain that had split the couple apart. But after talking to his dad, and taking on "The Love Dare"--a 40 day challenge filled notebook of bible verses and years of timeless wisdom--Caleb begins to realize the error of his ways. And through "The Love Dare", Caleb accepts Christ, and tries even harder to win back the love of his wife-- he truly wants to mend their marriage and make it work. He DOES love her. 

One of the scenes that made me cry was when he decided to end his addiction to porn by smashing his computer. The part where he was smashing the computer didn't make me cry, in fact I laughed because his neighbor was standing in his back yard watching Caleb. [You'll have to see it to fully understand the dry humor of this scene]. But after, when his wife came home from work, she is greeted by a huge bundle of roses with a note in them that read: "I love you more." Beautiful! 

In the end, everything works out for the better. It goes to show us all that when the tough gets going, we cannot give up! We must turn out focus on God and let him lead us, help us and love us when everything seems to go wrong. Relationships take time. If marriage was easy it would be a six week course, and the number of divorces would be small compared to the depressing amount that appears in America yearly. We look to those who have been married and have stayed with each other through thick-and-thin and learn from them the secrets of a long lasting marriage.Those who are Christian couples would probably say the secret to a successful marriage [at least my Grandma and Grandpa say this], is the relationship we have with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray that one day, my marriage will be--not easy--but fulfilling, Godly, and strong! If you haven't seen this movie yet, you should rent it NOW! My eyes have been opened to a whole new perspective of how to make a marriage work--let God take the reins, and meet Him half way. A definite FIVE STAR family movie. One you won't regret watching. :)


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