Casting Crowns & Steven Curtis Chapman

I have a lot of favorite Christian artists and they all sing some of my all-time favorite songs. But, I think Casting Crowns sings most of my favorite songs: Lifesong, East to West, Voice of Truth, Who Am I, Praise You in This Storm To me, Set Me Free and While You Were Sleeping. Their style of music is definitely uplifting and relevant to many of the events that are happening in the world today. It speaks to the people who are struggling, and in a strange way presents a message to the world through lyrics that touch the very depths of our hearts.

Crazy as it sounds, but Casting Crowns began as a student worship band. All amazing band have to start from humble beginnings, right? Well, this group is no exception The members of Casting Crowns had never imagines the path God would lead them down, a direction towards a recording contract and the opportunity to minister to people not just at their church, but worldwide.

The groups lead vocalist, Mark Hall formed the group while Mark was serving at First Baptist Dayton Beach in 1999. Members at that time included: Juan DeVevo (guitar and vocals), Melodee DeVevo (vocals and violin), Hector Cervantes (guitar and vocals), and Darren Hughes (production manager). After two years, two more people to join the band - Chris Huffman (bass guitar), and Megan Garrett (keyboard, vocals, accordion).

In their early years as a band (outside of church), Casting Crowns recorded two independent records that were mainly distributed in the Atlanta area. According to Hall, "There was the temptation to send our CDs to record companies, but we prayed about it and came to the realization we needed to keep doing our music our way."

Believe it or not, Mark and the rest of the band had no desire to get into the music business. It has been said that one of Casting Crown's albums found its way into the hands of Mark Miller (lead singer of the country music group, Sawyer Brown). Mark Miller was immediately blown away by the bold lyrics and Hall's pure, honest voice. "I could tell by Mark's writing that he wasn't doing anything other than speaking from his heart exactly what he was seeing and what was around him," Miller says. "It didn't surprise me at all when I found out later that he was a youth minister, because basically these were messages to his students."

 The groups has a slew of albums available, and all of them provide the listener with a message that subconsciously makes them think and consciously makes them want to praise the lord! Some of their albums include: Lifesong and Lifesong Live, The Altar and the Door and The Altar and the Door Live (2007-2008), Until the Whole World Hears, Lifesong, and Peace on Earth.

Yes, even thought Casting Crowns sings some of my most favorite songs...I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Steven Curtis Chapman. I practically grew up listening to his music on the radio. Back then we didn't have CDs, so listening to tapes and the radio was the only way my family and I was able to listen to music. So the invention of the CD has been amazing! You might think I am crazy, but I have every CD of his and know almost every song by heart. My favorite songs are: Declaration of Dependence, Dive, Finger Prints of God, For the Sake of the Call, God Is God, Jesus Is Life, Cinderella, Bring It On and Lord of the Dance.

Everyone I know has a hard time envisioning me listening to Steven Curtis Chapman because of his soft, melodious music. I can't seem to understand why, but there is something about his music - his beautiful music that makes me so happy!

After high-school Chapman enrolled in pre-med. I know, crazy! I can't envision Chapman in the medical field, because his talent is in music. But we often don't know what our purpose is in life until we let God lead the way. And after two semesters he transferred to Anderson College in Indiana, and then decided to dropped out and go to Nashville to pursue a career in music.  He briefly attended Belmont University and began working a music show at Opryland USA while dedicating time to songwriting.

As of 2007, Chapman has sold more than 10 million albums and has 9 RIAA-certified Gold or Platinum albums. Some of his albums include: First Hand, All About Love, All About Love, All Things New, Declaration, For The Sake Of The Call, Greatest Hits, Miracle Of The Moment, More To This Life, Signs Of Life, Speechless, The Great Adventure, The Music Of Christmas, This Moment, This Moment (Cinderella Edition).




  1. I like Steven Curtis Chapman, too. The story about how his daughter died and the way the family grew closer to God from that trial is amazing!

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  3. I love Casting Crowns, even though I've only heard one song, Stained Glass Masquerade. Maybe I should think about getting one of their albums.:) I'll have to listen to the other guys music, too -- thanks!:)


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