The Blind Side

I watched The Blind Side last night. It was a truly touching story--a tear jerking, heart breaker with a phenomenal cast, solid morals, and a happy ending. The Blind Side is one of those movies you could watch  a thousand times over and never get tired of it. Like Remember the Titans, The Blind Side touches on the racial relations between blacks and whites. And the connection between the two is a flawless blend of hope, happiness and acceptance.

The Blind Side is based off a true story that is, indeed, a story of perseverance, loyalty, and selflessness. "Big Mike"--that's what they all call him-- comes from the ghettos, a small section of town where no one would ever expect anything good to ever come from there. But Michael Oher "Big Mike", the football hero of this fabulous film and touching real-life story, defies the odds and is able to experience a wonderful life, thanks to the Tuohy family (who takes him in off the street and makes him a part of their family).

Michael is encouraged to reach for the stars....And with a little persistence and a lot of support, Michael is able to become someone great--a true sports hero, an inspiration and role-model for kids... giving them a reason to shoot for their dreams, knowing that no matter where they're from--the ghettos or an upscale neighborhood-- doesn't mean they can't succeed, you just have to try hard and believe in yourself.

Pros: This movie is very clean and family oriented. Such a wonderful movie and a must see. :)

Cons: None

Objectionable content:

Language: Brief mild

Romance: One scene with the husband and wife...but nothing promiscuous.

Violence: One scene...but it's not's actually kinda sad :'(



  1. Yes, this movie is awesome! Ilove it! Sandra Bullock was great!

  2. Me and my mom were going to watch it last night, but we never got around to it. Maybe next weekend. :) Thanks for the review, Emily!

  3. Hi Emily!
    I've heard that the book and movie are really good :) Now I'm kinda wanting to watch it! thanks for the review!

    Samarah ♥

  4. I watched the Blind Side last night and I LOVED it! It was so real! Oh, and I just found your comment about Atmosphere in my un-moderated comments! I didn't know you had commented. That's weird; I totally overlooked it!


  5. Oh, I have been wanting to see this for a while. My parents saw it in the theaters and said it was awesome, too. I do know the story line though. What a great story!


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