Every Girl Should Embroider

I think every girl should learn to embroider. Embroidery is an art done by hand, needle and thread, to produce a picture of perfection and beauty. Girls in the 18th century Colonial America and Europe did their embroidery on samplers in order to show their stitching, work that took young girls in the colonial era years to complete.

When they were finished with their samplers, they were satisfied and very pleased with their accomplishments. Girls today can experience the same satisfaction. Creating a piece of art by hand with a needle and thread is very rewarding. Embroidery allows you to be creative and express yourself freely.

Your embroidered sampler is a work of art that expresses you and you individuality. The purpose of girls learning embroidery today is to keep this dying art alive, for girls to have a part in something beautiful, giving them something to do and of which to be proud.

Every girl needs to experience making something with their hands and in return experience the feeling of accomplishment and self-gratification. If you are interested in the study of history, pocket embroidery and creating a sampler is a great way to use your new-found talent.

Historic sites and re-enactors are always looking for hand-crafted reproductions. The embroidery adds a touch of authenticity to the re-enactors clothing. Embroidering clothes, quilts and other things such as hats and bags also open a world of possibilities.

People are always looking for was to personalize their quilts with creative designs by hand. It makes the quilt more personal that way. Clothing embroidered by hand gives clothes that Modern-Victorian look and adds a lot of style to your once-boring, outdated outfit.

Girls should learn to embroider because embroidery is way to express yourself and to allow your creativity to shine. You don’t have to be a proper, sophisticated girl to learn this skill. You just have to have the initiative, the determination, and the patience to begin embroidering. Girls should learn embroidery from their moms, grandmas and people who teach embroidery so that they may be able to pass on this dying pastime to future generations.


  1. I also love to embroider- it is beautiful, not to mention requires skill and discipline, but fun! great post.

  2. I've never embroidered..I just don't think it's for me! I'm not that much of a girly-girl when it comes to arts, crafts, sewing, etc., but I do create music with my musical instruments, using my hands, and I love to write :) I think I'd rather be outside moving my body, than sitting inside embroidering, but maybe it'd be good for me to pick it up..a good lesson in patience!
    I really admire people who can do it, and people who actually enjoy it! One of my friends does, and it's beautiful!

  3. I've just started embroidering, and I love it. It's so much easier and more enjoyable than I expected. I'm terrible at hand sewing, so I guess I expected embroidery to be the same way. But it's not. It's actually a lot of fun. =)



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