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{Toby Mac}

Toby McKeehan, or tobyMac is probably the most well-known Christian Artist in the history of mankind. Okay, that might be stretching it, but you have to admit, he’s got it going on. We all love him. Know every song by heart. And when we hear Diverse City, we know its Toby Mac. Then we start dancing and we can’t fight the music!

Toby Mac started his career with dcTalk. While attending Liberty University at Lynchburg, VA, in the mid-'80s,  Toby Mac met Michael Tait and Kevin Max Smith (aka Kevin Max). These three "hip" friends formed the highly influential Christian pop group dc Talk, where they mixed elements of gospel, grunge, and hip-hop into an immensely successful hybrid. However, Toby Mac then went solo when the group disbanded in 2000. He has still continued to be a successful artists and has released 5 albums: Momentum (2001), Welcome to Diverse City (2004), Portable Sounds (2007), and Tonight (2010).  He's been around for quite some time, but he has managed to keep his fans captivated with his contemporary music and authentic vibe!

Toby Mac is my favorite Christian artist along side Steven Curtis Chapman. But one reason why I like Toby Mac so much is that in every song, his energy and enthusiasm seems to rub off on you, open up your heart and let the love of God in. All of his songs are sung with passion and true love for the Lord: “It’s the truth,” he says. “I still believe that a song can penetrate a heart. I believe God can use a song to open someone’s mind and heart. Other songs can just drop what I call, ‘the joy bomb’ on somebody. I fight really hard to remain unjaded—to keep believing that you can actually walk into a studio and write a song that breathes life. That’s the hardest fight for a guy who’s been doing this for a while; it’s easy to fall into the trap of just making it your job. But I still believe that songs matter.” Amen! You can definitely feel his hope, love and passion throughout every song he sings. It's truly amazing what God does through him. To visit his web site go here.

My favorite songs from Toby Mac are: "Gone", "Made to Love", "City on our Knees", and "Atmosphere". I love the way he raps the words, so fast and trilling! But then, when you least expect it, there are soft songs. I have yet to find an artists that can song songs that you can dance to and songs that praise to all in one CD. Toby Mac has such magical songs, and the best one I've heard to date is "Atmosphere", because, has been a comfort to me. God is always there...

There are so many Christian artists who have fallen into the trap of just doing it because it's a job and not something they enjoy or something they can use to change people's lives. In an interview, Toby Mac states that: “I’ve worked very hard not to fall into the trap of making this just a gig,” he says. “If it is a labor, it’s a labor of love. I know music can’t change the world, but who says God can’t speak through a song.”

Right here, right now. TONIGHT.


{Third Day}

Third Day, another fabulous Christian band with spectacular music and a pure sound and meaning!

Third Day is a Contemporary Christian Music and Christian rock band formed in Marietta, Georgia during the 1990s. The band was founded by lead singer Mac Powell, Mark Lee (guitarist) and former member Billy Wilkins. Other members of the band include: Tai Anderson (bassist) and David Carr (drummer). The band's name refers to the rising of Jesus Christ from the dead on the third day following his Crucifixion. To visit their web site click here.

Since Third Day's first taste of fame in 1996, the band has released a total of 14 albums: Third Day, Conspiracy No. 5, Time, Offerings: A Worship Album, Come Together, Offerings II: All I Have to Give, Wire, Live Wire, Wherever You Are, Christmas Offerings, Chronology Volume 1, Chronology Volume 2, Revelations, and Live Revelations. 

All of their CDs have a wonderful sound and an inspiring and uplifting message to them. I really like the tone of voice, it's relaxed, smooth and easy to listen to. I always get chills when they sing really high! I like most of Third Days songs, but there are 3 that I really like: "Call My Name", "This Is Who I Am", and "Slow Down". And just like Toby Mac, Third Day doesn't want to be another generic artists with no enthusiasm for their work or their Lord:

 “ You don’t want to lose that initial garage band excitement that made it fun to begin with,” Carr reflects. “We don’t want to do this if it’s just about business and some level of success that will all go by the wayside someday. We want it to be fun. It’s always about connecting with fans. That’s why popular music is what it is—because the artist is presenting something and there are people going, ‘Man, we like that,’ and there’s a connection. That’s what it’s all about, and if that’s not happening, it’s better to go do something else."


  1. well i can't get over how insightful your posts are, like about Twilight post, you've hit it on the nail so to speak, well I'll see you in Heaven Sister in Christ!

  2. Thanks, Rachel. I am so glad to hear that! That makes me feel good to know that people like my posts!

    In Christ,

  3. Hey Emily, I was reading in Ezekiel,(one of the books in the bible) and i came across one...Here, read it on my blog: http://rachelle-storyblog.blogspot.com/

  4. I love tobyMac and Third day! :D


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