Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant is one of my all-time favorite female artists. She's exceptionally beautiful, has a melodious voice and real zeal for the Lord. She's most definitely an inspiration to all young girls who are looking for upbeat and encouraging music that helps to spark that connection and desire to grow closer to the Lord! Some of my utmost favorite and loved songs are from this amazing woman, like I Will Not Be Moved, The Real Me, and Our Hope Endures.

"I have dreamed in my life, dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they have gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the color of my mind." ~ Emily Bronte, British Novelist and Poet 1818-1848.

Natalie Grant hasn't always been the famous Christian starlet we know and love, in fact, she used to be a 17 year old girl who composed music for the youth choir at her church in Seattle, WA. She felt the desire to create music that was relevant to her generation, something everyone could relate to. Natalie Grant was just like the rest of the girls-- a normal and average teen trying to serve her God faithfully and wholeheartedly.

However, she had a dream, and the way God decided to use Natalie Grant was anything but normal— it was a beautiful destiny, a lifelong pursuit and challenge to live out her faith. When she heard the group The Truth perform, she felt motivated and lead to audition. She landed a spot in the group and performed and toured with the group for two years. Then she made her way to Nashville, TN, in pursuit of a solo career.

Over the years Natalie Grant has worked hard to attain and maintain her singing career and gained prominence, including four consecutive Dove Awards for best female artist with her signature song, "Held". She currently lives in Nashville, TN with her husband Bernie Herms and two beautiful daughters: Grace Ana and Isabella Noelle.

From the beginning of her career to the present, Grant has produced seven wonderful records: Natalie Grant (1999), Stronger (2001), Deeper Life (2003), Worship with Natalie Grant and Friends (2004), Awaken (2005), Believe (2005), and Relentless (2008).

As stated on her site, Natalie Grant is, indeed, "A powerhouse vocalist, heart-gripping songwriter and charismatic performer". she’s eager to push boundaries—sonically, lyrically and otherwise—and she more than proves her intentions with Relentless, her seventh album and first studio recording in nearly three years.

The music Natalie Grant produces isn't just something an ordinary person could write on the whim. She possesses real talent and is an inspiration to a generation that need motivation to persevere in a world blinded by darkness. What an amazing woman, a beautiful sister in Christ!



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    Wow, I LOVE the new look and header and signature and everything!!! It looks fabulously awesome! I'm going to check out Natalie Grant's songs, btw. Thanks!:)



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