The Lost get Found...Synopsis

Ever feel that you were here on earth for a purpose, that you had a mission to accomplish, but didn't know what that purpose or mission was? Have you ever felt so passionate about the Lord and felt the urge to share His word and everlasting Love? Did you ever do it? Did you share his love? Or was something holding you back? Pride? Fear? Shame? Did you feel less than qualified?

Did you ever get the feeling that you were meant to make a difference, whether it was in the lives of millions or just one? Is it possible that God would gives us only one person to love, lead and protect, but at the same time, use our ministry as a way to not only effect the life of one, but change the lives of the people around us we never meant to reach?

Life is like a box of chocolates, it's impossible to predict which one you will get. Meaning, life isn't the same for everyone. No one has the same experiences, the same joy, love and desires as the person next to them. Some have more ambition than others, more determination and happiness. But that's what makes us unique and special to God.

In the Lost Get Found, a freshman in high-school and a member of the Cheer Squad, Natalie Steel, learns that it's not always easy going against the flow. She discovers the importance of standing up for what she believes in, the importance of friendship, and her identity as she goes through the journey of a lifetime-- an experience she, as a 15 year old, would have thought impossible for her age. Her journey, mission, and purpose was to befriend a smart, yet lonely, emotional and self-conscious Rachel Raymond--a girl that lived with her Grandmother, because her father was in jail and her other was a Meth addict.

Through this journey, Natalie learns that anything is possible if you put your trust and faith in God. Even if it seems impossible, nothing is ever impossible with God. Even thought Natalie was scorned, ridiculed and had become a social outcast because of her views and what she stood for, she realized that it was so easy to get caught up in the lime-light, the popularity, and the keeping up with the latest fashion of the social crowd at school, that it becomes all-to-easy to loose sight of what's truly important-- not only that, but it prohibits people from being a light in a dark world. People have a purpose, a contagious energy that flows through them and if they let their fire burn out, how effective can they be to a person who so desperately wants to be saved, wants to be found and wants to know the way, but can't seem to do it without help?

Natalie discovers that everyone needs a reason to believe, not just Christians, it's what keeps them motivated, alive and determined to make a difference, a change and live their life to the fullest. During her journey, Natalie often asks herself, "why don't more people rise up? Why are people so afraid to stand out?"

In the end, Natalie finds out that taking a leap of faith and persevering when things seem hopeless, is exactly how the lost get found and it's up to us, the Body of Christ to show them the way. To be a light in the dark world, when all the lights fade.


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