Tribulation Force: Synopsis

Hey! This is one of my newest books I will be writing in the future! Hope you enjoy the sneak peek!

Preacher’s kid, Abby Brown is suddenly overcome with emotion as she comes to the realization that she is alone. She can’t shake the feeling that something is terribly amiss, a feeling of fear and suspension. Yet she cannot seem to make heads or tails of what she is feeling at the moment.

It is 6:00 A.M. Her mom was usually up by now. She checked her clock a second time. Why wasn’t there a smell of freshly brewed coffee? Why couldn’t she smell the cinnamon rolls her mom had promised to make especially for her? Where was her father? Right about now her dad would be sipping a hot cup of coffee, taking a bite of a warm roll and reading his Bible, preparing for his next Sunday sermon. She couldn’t smell his strong, sweet aftershave, nor could she smell the angelic perfume of her mothers. And where was her sister? How come was she not up? Why wasn’t she ready for school?

Where were her family?!

Abby cautiously walked through the house—first to her sister’s room. The door was still closed. The lights were still off. And there was no answer as Abby called out, “Grace, are you there?” Silence. Abby gripped a hold of the handle and nervously turned it until the door cracked slightly. She peered in. She was half expecting her sister to be missing from her bed, but she still hoped to find her sister relaxed and sound asleep.

Her throat tightened as she struggled to choke back the tears. Grace was gone! Abby walked over to her sister’s bed and stood for the longest time nervously wringing her fingers and questioning herself. This is some sort of joke. She thought. Knowingly she pulled back the covers from her sister’s bed; realizing the branding truth of her reality. She doubted she could visit her parent’s room. She knew the pain and sorrow would be too much to bear. However, the only regret she had was not that she was unable to say good-bye to her beloved family, but the fact that she had been one of those unbelievers left behind.


  1. Hey, sounds great!

    Recently I have been reading the "Left Behind" series. Awesome books. The second one is called "Tribulation Force" so the title caught my name...

    Love in Christ,

  2. Wow, Emily... this is a book I will have to read. I could actually imagine myself as Abby as I read it.



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