Sex: Reasons Why You Should Wait

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When you think of God, what comes to mind? Is he like the Green Goblin on Spiderman, watchful, manipulative, and ready to strike, destroy everything you have? Is he a loving, caring, humorous, playful daddy who is intently peering down at you right now with a knowing grin, always looking out for you and has the best intentions in mind for you; and often enough, girls and guys are tuning into the everyday Hollywood fantasy of romantic and suave gentlemen, scheming and demanding women, 007 heroic hunks, and heart-throbbing babes.

We wonder why the big man upstairs makes such a big deal out of this advantageous duet. Why can’t he see it our way: the life we are striving to have, the perfect romance and the perfect couple. But he doesn’t seem to get it. And why should He? I mean he is our creator, our father…do you think that He would truly allow his sons and daughters to watch that kind of misleading garbage on TV? It seems to me that God, out Heavenly Father, sees it simply as a bunch of flagitious fornicators!

Do you think God is the manipulative Green Goblin when He says that sex is strictly for marriage, or is He the loving, caring, all-knowing father, who created lovemaking to only be satisfactory when two lovers have been committed in marriage? Don’t let what I am trying to say here persuade you so easily. Just look at the facts. Our caring daddy always knows best!

Did you know….?

• Females, who have slept with three or more people over the course of a lifetime, are 15 times more likely to get cervical cancer.

• Couples who have sex before marriage are more likely to get divorced. According to a study by the National Survey of Family Growth, women who have the kind of sexual experience sex advocates — the premarital kind — increase their odds of divorce by about 60 percent. McManus, a counselor points out that it is “secular evidence for St. Paul’s injunction, flee fornication.”

• The more promiscuous you are before marriage the more likely you are to commit adultery AFTER marriage.

• If you live together before marriage, you are more unlikely to marry that person. Columbia University found that “only 26 percent of women surveyed and a scant 19 percent of men” married the person they were living with. Another study showed that even if they do marry, couples who begin their marriages through cohabitation are almost twice as likely to divorce within 10 years compared to all first marriages: 57 percent to 80 percent.

• Found that ‘perfect person’? Don’t be fooled! People who have sex before marriage run a risk of marrying someone who is not right for them. Sexual intimacy can be emotionally blinding and it makes couples feel closer than they really are. One counselor put it perfectly by saying, “Real love can stand the test of time without physical intimacy. The sexually active lose objectivity.”

• Those who try it outside of marriage often suffer guilt and fear due to the dangers of STDs or unwanted pregnancy. Feelings of guilt can lead to frigidity and impotence.”

• Perhaps not so remarkably, it is those who stay pure and marry enjoy sex the most. The Family Research Council surveyed 1,100 people about their sexual satisfaction. In a Washington Post op-ed, FRC’s William Mattox, Jr. took a look at the inspiring results. It was “found that 72 percent of all married ‘traditionalists (those who believe that sex outside of marriage is wrong) report high sexual satisfaction. This is,” Mattox explained, “roughly 31 percentage points higher than the level registered by unmarried ‘non-traditionalists’ (people who have no or only some objection to sex outside of marriage) and 13 percentage points higher than that registered by married non-traditionalists.”

Well, what do you think? Do you think that the God, who designed each strand of DNA, knows our thoughts, knows the number of hairs on our head, and knows our future, ought to know what’s best for us?

Remember, the issue is not about having sex. Sex can be a spiritual pleasure when we are committed to practicing Godly sex in a biblical marriage—but not outside of marriage. However, the real issue is our heart and our relationship with God. Following the straight and narrow, and fighting the good fight of faith will always be a struggle, unless we are ardently and admiringly in love with our God!
Do we know Jesus in a personal relationship? He is not some distant God, like Buda or Baal. He wants the best for us. When we are unable to be good in our own strength, He comes to our rescue and whispers to us ever so gently, and at times gives us a little nudge saying, “Lean on me when you are week, my child. I will be your guide in the dark places. I will be your crutch when you are week and I will be your shield when you are being attacked by the evil forces of Satin. But you must have faith in me, my child. Always remember, I love you.”

Having that close relationship with God, the Lord Jesus Christ, allows us to experience the best He has in store for us! If you want to experience big sex—the kind that a committed, married Christian couple has— save it till marriage. You cannot do it in your own strength; you cannot resist the temptation alone. Only through the power of Christ can you stand strong in a world that says it’s “Ok to have sex….everyone is doing it!” Do you want to be the one who’s doing it? Or do you want to be one of the few that can say: “I saved myself. I am pure.” Fall back in love with Jesus! If you have messed up in the past—Jesus can make you brand new!


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