Re: Can Opposites Attract?

In regards to yesterdays post. I am sure you all agree on some of the qualities I've pointed out, but I am also quite confident that you all have your own ideas about what type of character a man/woman should have. Indeed, having admirable qualities is a "must have" in any relationship. If he or she is not Godly and does not express themselves or carry themselves in a Christian like manner, then he or she is simply not worth your time [even mine for that matter!]

Yesterday, I received a comment from LocaChica and here's what she had to say:  
Those are some really good qualities to look for in a guy! Some of the same things are on my list, but I have some different things, too :) On the top of mine is this: He must be totally, and completely on fire for God and for passionately dedicating his life to following the Great Commission.

And you know what I discovered? I forgot to put in the most important characteristic and aspect of a good husband into my list! Goodness me, I can hardly believe I forgot this. I, too, believe that a man should be more in love with God that he is in love with me! This, my dear friends should be on the TOP of all of our lists. I am blown away it wasn't on mine....

But I wanted to make sure you all knew that this was my primary must-have. There's no way around it! Thank you LocaChica for pointing this out to me! I am so forgetful! But why, why did I forget!? And on such a major aspect in any good relationship, too? Hehe!

P.S. LocaChica, I am so sorry I haven't commented in forever...I can't seem to leave comments on your blog....So I am letting you know in a post. I hope this is okay!?


  1. Hello Emily!

    What an interesting post this is . . . I have often wondered, too - I believe opposites can attract, however not always for the right reasons!

    The question rather . . . Should opposites attract? I agree with you completely . . . if there is no heart for God, there should be no attraction. Christ should always be our first love, no matter what! :)


  2. I agree. This thought ran through my mind as well as I re-read that post yesterday. I asked myself, "It's true that opposites do attract...but isn't it also true that opposites attract for reasons that are not always the right reasons?" Of course. There is no way around it.

    Everyone has a sinful nature and that's why so many people have broken hearts, are destitute, insecure and have other issues that are unknown. This is because they chose not to wait. Because they chose to fall for the opposite characteristics that they found attractive, fun, enticing without ever stopping to think about whether or not they were with the person God had predestined them to spend the rest of their lives with.

    In some instances, these people end up hurt...this can mean a variety of things, the can become pregnant or contract some nasty STDs because they failed to understand the difference between true love and their sexual desires.

    Lauren, I totally agree with your statement and thank you for commenting.

    Love & Blessings,


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