A Masterpiece Classic: Emma

"People--their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations--there I am the expert."
....Emma Woodhouse in Jane Austen's Emma.

I have been watching Masterpiece Classics newest adaption to Jane Austen's novel Emma. This would make it the second week and I find this adaption to be unlike the ones I have seen in the past. The characters are particularly lovely, especially Mr. Knightly, whom I think fit the role very nicely. Yet something just doesn't set well with me when I watch this movie. I believe it is simply the actor they have chosen to play Emma Woodhouse. I think she is a little too happy. I don't think this actress best represents Emma, though I am sure there are some of you who would be more than willing to disagree with me.

I have watched other adaptions of Emma, and haven't found one that I adored more than the 1996 version that came on PBS a few years back. I think it captured the essence of Emma very well. However, this is just my opinion because I am very skeptical of newer versions of the same movie and/or book. I prefer the older versions that stick to the script, more that the newer ones who feel the liberty to enhance, if not change, the whole entirety of the movie or book!

But, I will have to see how this version of Emma plays out. Sometimes a good romantic ending can soften the hardest of hearts! I am hoping that this will be so. Because I do think that this version gives the book a lively disposition, as the 1996 version did not. We shall have to see!

I will let you know more later. As of right now, I am still stuck on the 1996 version of Emma. Maybe....just maybe my feelings will change for the better. I may just betray my better judgment, or perhaps I shall discover the newest collection to my Masterpiece library!


  1. OHH we just finished watching this last night.. i LOVED it :) in my opinion the best version of Emma yet :)

  2. I love this version...Romola Garai is one of my favourite actresses, and I think she's excellent in the role! :) I actually feel sorry for this Emma, sometimes; she's actually somewhat, very slightly, likable. Mr Knightley is also excellent; I like him just about as much as the Jeremy Northam version. I thought the '96 Mr Knightley (starring Mark Strong) seemed angry a lot; Mr Knightley is my fave Austen hero, so it bothered me that he was portrayed more like a Darcy in the '96 version.


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