Songs of Praise

"This One's With Me" by NewSong

This song! I love it more every time I hear it. I think that the first part of the song is telling us that we are unworthy, undeserving to be let into heaven, and I think--God could never accept a sinner like me! It's very true that we are not deserving of God's love. Yet no matter what we do, we can never loose that awesome abinding love!

To me this song sends a message of no matter how much of a sinner we are, how lowly, incompetent and undeserving a --we have been accepted. I will follow the Lord Almighty though I do not know the way. Jesus came to earth to show us the way. To take us by the hand and to give us a second chance. We aren't alone, we aren't abandoned, but we are with God. We may be knocked down, but we are not knocked out!


  1. I love it too!! We must have the same preferences in music, because I like all the songs on your playlist, too!


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