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I would like to mention that if you are a Twilight lover, the post below was not meant to insult you...but I can understand you taking offense with how I present my views. Please understand that the post represents my point of view on the subject of Twilight.
Anonymous: I thank you for reading this post. I understand your questioning on whether my review on this book is viable. I understand that while not reading the book or the movie, I in your opinion, cannot form a good viewpoint of Twilight.

However, you cannot fully judge this post, especially when you do not know the story as to how I came to form the beliefs that I have expressed in the last post. I did not decide to sit down one day and write that post off the top of my head.

On the contrary. I did my research, went to viable resources...and I shall kindly include those for your reference. Trust me, I couldn't form such an opinion on this "touchy" subject were I not confident in my position that I firmly hold to.

And let us not bring the Chronicles of Narnia into this affair without sufficient proof that "things" in that movie can be used to fit Satan's purpose. I am not discrediting what you have to say, maybe it is true. But without facts, I cannot be subject to believe you, nor consider it a viable part of the debate.

May I remind you that you don't have to read a book or watch a movie to develop an opinion on something that conflicts with your beliefs. I must state that I only had a small part in writing this post. Indeed, it was pressed upon me with much urgency by my Lord to expose this book for what it truly is. (I know this sounds like religious craziness, but I hold firm to the fact that if there is something that the Lord wants to be exposed, he will use various people to carry out his will).

Therefore, I believe, based upon my morals and faith, that this post is viable. Isn't everything God does viable? Isn't everything he presses upon his servant's heart for a purpose and shouldn't be questioned?

I am not using this as a excuse to make this post seem viable. However, this is how this post came about. I only write posts when God leads me...this was one of those times. Again, I thank you for taking an interest in this post and taking the time to share your views on this subject.

Oldfashiondolls: Thanks for stopping by!! I agree with you totally. I must say that, Twilight does create a sort of fanciful thrill--even for me. When I see commercials, hear my friends talking about it, I do wish I could watch the movie and read the book.

There is something about the movie that makes a girl want to let go and be wild. But it's almost silly. I am not into "dark" fantasy either. It doesn't appeal to me and I do not think it is what God would want his Christian family to expose themselves to. Great comment! :)

Eldarwen: I know! I am appalled to think that so many teen-aged girls are getting sucked into Twilight. Its sad.

Emii: Don't worry about starting up any debate! I agree that Jacob is a lot better looking that Edward. He's too much of a sissy for my taste. It's funny how so many girls think Edward is "Hot"...I get a kick out if it every time I hear my friends say that about him....LOL!

Libby: I am so glad you stopped by! It is good to hear your side of the story, especially since you have read the books. Thank you!


  1. I personally do not think Twilight is a wholesome thing for young ladies or anyone else but I do agree that we should state our opinions kindly. Your post was very good.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth. I agree that opinions should be stated kindly. We are to love our brothers an sister whether their views go agains ours. Thank you for stopping buy. :)

  3. WAY TO GO, EMILY!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!

  4. I mean, seriously, this is YOUR blog, Emily. You're allowed to post whatever you feel you should post. :)

    I just can't be bothered with Twilight..Lol! Have you read the Becoming Beka series, by Sarah Ann Sumpolec? They're pretty good:)


  5. I agree with your post. I think the Twilight series (at least the movies) is more of a competition for who's "hottest". The whole team Jacob and team Edward game is what I hear most when I hear girls talk about the movie. The books and the movies seem more of a guilty pleasure for girls than a book with morals, lessons, and uplifting themes.

    God Bless,

  6. I commend you, Emily, for standing your ground and sticking with your convictions, despite any opposition, or disagreement.
    There will always be people that disagree with ANYTHING you do, you simply cannot please everyone. That's why it's soo important to seek what God says about things, not people. God's ways ARE higher than our ways, and always better, too!
    Be blessed, and keep standing for the things of God, and against the things that aren't of Him!

  7. Thanks for commenting ya'll! I love hearing your different views on this subject. I know that our views may differ or this issue, but it's what makes us individuals and all unique and effective for Christ.
    I love ya'll!


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