I Meant To Do This Yesterday

But it totally slipped by mind! I am so thrilled to be living another year for My Lord and that He gave me another year to experience His wonderful creation!

Just a little over five months ago, I started this blog with no real intentions or exasperation of ever doing much on it--maybe a little post here or there.

At first, the idea of blogging seemed crazy. I used to think that blogging was a waist of time and that all bloggers were a bunch of brainless weirdies.

Boy,was I wrong!

My conceptions have forever changed--a total transformation you might say. You, my dear friends are not what I have always thought bloggers were, you are kind, loving, inspiring, motivating, encouraging and really know how to let your love for Christ shine! You guys are such wonderful group of Christian girls-and guys! I have learned so much from you guys and I love you all! And I cannot wait to spend the New Year with you all.

In doing this blog, my hope is that, in some small way, this blog will be a little piece of inspiration to every girl and/or guy out there who is searching for someone to love them, understand them, pray for them, and be there for them--whether it is in flesh or in spirit. Just like you guys have done for me! Thank you.

This year, more than ever, I want my blog to reflect the love of Christ, and through it I want to, not only influence the online community, but be a light in a world that is lost and in need of so much hope and love.

Forever in Christ,


  1. Hey Emily,
    I want all that for my blog, too... :)
    Hehe, a bunch of weirdoes... thanks! :P Just kidding:)


  2. Hehe! You ARE NOT a weirdo...promise!
    It was wrong of me to think that way...an I apologise. However, if bloggers ever were weirdos, I have now joined the dark side....I am not a weirdo, too!

    But I prefer to think of us as cool!

  3. Hi Emily! Thanks for following my blog!! I'm excited about getting to know you more through your blogs! :D
    God Bless You!


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