New Year--New Look--New Reason to Blog

Hi guys!

Since it is the New Year [almost], I want to get everything squared away and organized before I kick off my 1st full year of blogging. I kind of had a schedule last year, but with all of the holiday festivities it got pushed to the way-side and was never resurrected.

So...I need to come up with a new schedule, something that you will enjoy, as well as myself!

Any suggestions?

I am still doing Girl Talk on Thursdays, but is there anything you guys would like to see in particular on my blog?

Anything you would like to hear my oppinion on, etc?

Let me know in a comment!

I love you all,
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  1. I love the Girls talk!! It's such a wonderful idea!!
    Other ideas..hmm..I really like music(Christian, of course!), and your taste in music. Maybe you could do something weekly, or even every other week, where you post a favorite song, or group, etc., and tell us a little about why you like it, when you first heard it, what it means to you.
    Just an idea :)
    Love your blog!!!

  2. That's a wonderful idea LocaChica!

  3. Maybe hold some contests? Like caption contests and the like? Nice new look. =)

  4. I could do that...I would need to figure out how to work that out though. Maybe even some giveaways too!


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