My 17th Birthday!!!

Oh my gosh! This is so hard to believe--OK not that hard--but I'm turning 17 this week!
I've never told you guys when my birthday was so I'm going to tell you today in a tag-like way :)
When were you born?: I was born December 26th 1992. 2 hrs after midnight. Whew I came close to being a Christmas baby (which was when I was supposed to be born), but God spared me!
What's it like being a Christmas baby?: It has it's ups and downs. I have to say I am luckier that my Aunt who was born Christmas eve! But it's rough. I have never had a birthday party with friends over, they're always out of town. Sometimes, people forget or they can't come, or they have to leave on your birthday... However, I have learned to make the best with what I have on such a day as my birthday, and have come to realize that it's not all about the friends and presents, but the closeness of family and having them there to support you throughout your life that it the best gift and friendship anyone could ever receive!
Isn't it fun to have 2 full days of Presents!?: Oh, sure it is! I love the excitement. But I have to wait all year and I wish that sometimes I had Christmas and my birthday spread out a bit more. I'd have liked to be born in May. But I was born Dec. 26th for a reason and I am slowly learning to love every minute of this day--who really knows how many birthdays I have left.
What don't you like about your birthday?:Don't get me started! I have a lot of things I don't like about my birthday and I always stress these dislikes every year. Hey, I said I was slowly learning to love my birthday, things don't happen over night! LOL.
1) I do not want the Christmas tree up. Don't get me wrong, I love the Christmas tree, but I would like to have my birthday separate from the holidays.
2) No Christmas paper! I hate, hate, hate it when people wrap my presents in Christmas paper. It just so happens that these past 2 or 3 years, I actually had presents wrapped in Birthday paper. My family tries hard, but they usually forget.
3) I have never had any friends over for a party, sleepover, etc.
4) Sometimes my family has to leave on my birthday to go home.
5) Because of the holidays my family misses a lot of my birthdays (and my brother's too), especially my sweet one came...other than the family that lives here in TN with me. :(
Yeah, yeah, yeah, So maybe I am a little bit of a scrooge. Why can't I have a birthday without all the Christmas decor? Is that too much to ask ?? Hehehe!
What do you like about your Birthday?: I get to spend that time with my family, open some sweet gifts and eat a gluten free cake while laughing hysterically at my brother, sister and grandma!


  1. wow! happy, happy birthday! You're 5 years older than I am!!

  2. Have a very merry Birthday!!

  3. Happy early birthday! :)

    Love, Hugs, Blessings, and (early) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :)


  4. Happy early birthday!!! I bet it is super hard to have a birthday on a holiday.

    One of my friends birthdays is on Halloween. When she tells people that they look at her like she is a devil child.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Happy early b-day! LOVE YOUR BLOG, looks amazing ;)
    thanks for your comment :) i guess i'm glad that my post gave you chills ;)

  6. Ooh, awesome! Yeah, my brother and sister know how you feel, too -- their birthday's are on the 28th and other sister is on the 14th. I'm a loner;)

    Happy EARLY birthday!:)


  7. Hey Emily! Happy birthday! :) Hope you have an awesome day. :)

  8. Happy early birthday and merry christmas!

  9. Happy Birthday! I know how you feel because my birthday is on the 20th so it is sometimes hard too. However, I always look at is as I almost share the same Birthday as Jesus! Hope you have a great Birthday!

  10. That is very true! Merry Christmas :)


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