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Celebrate good times, come on!!!!!!!


Drearest bloggers whom I love so much! I hope you are doing good and being your normal awesome selves! Well, I have something to tell you all--I made it to 41 followers! That's a super big achievement for me! I can't wait to get to 50 because I am thinking of doing a really awesome Giveaway, or does that happen at 100 followers??!!

Some follower's blogs I cannot access, so I will mention their names (if you are one of these people let me know and give me your blog link, so I can give you proper recognition). I never thought I'd make it to 41 followers in only 6 MO. I am still shocked, and really quiet flattered to think that you guys have enjoyed my blog *crickets chirping* Yeah! So thanks so much guys!
Don't forget about GIRL TALK. If you are looking for it, it is below this post!
My current followers (Alphabetical order!):
  1. Adria [at] Loca Chica
  2. Amy (Light of the World~private blog)
  3. *Anna
  4. Antonia [at] outside into life
  5. Miss Ariante' [at] Living this thing I call L-I-F-E!
  6. Ashley Staley [at] Todd & Ashley
  7. Ashley [at] Cowgirls for Christ
  8. Bekah [at] The Word Crafter
  9. Cassie [at] Inside My Mind
  10. √čarwen [at] Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden
  11. Emily [at] (:My World:)
  12. Emily [at] Practically Pink
  13. Emily [at] Emily's Writing
  14. Emily Joy [at] Emily Joy Photography
  15. Emii [at] Girlz 4 God ~ My main Blog :)
  16. Emma [at] Summer Girl
  17. *GodsGirl247
  18. Hannah [at] Aspire
  19. Ivorydancer [at] Another Once in Time
  20. Jare and Lib [at] Random Jot Downs
  21. Jessica.Mae [at] Faith For Girls
  22. Kristin [at] These are a few of my favorite things...
  23. Libby [at] Girls of Hope ~ My main blog
  24. Maggie S. [at] Dustbunnies and Divas
  25. *Mandy
  26. Margaret [at] Take a Walk With Me
  27. *Margie Hendricks
  28. Marissa [at] A peek into my life...
  29. Megan [at] 1 of 5 ~ My Main Blog
  30. Morgan [at] A Maiden's Musings
  31. *Moriah Foreman
  32. *M J S
  33. Quinlyn [at] Quinny & Co.
  34. Teresa [at] Grammy Girlfriend
  35. Truly
  36. Samantha [at] Simply Samantha
  37. Secretly Gay
  38. Siminy [at] Me Myself and I
  39. Shannon [at] Below the Plateau
  40. Sweetsue [at] sweetsue
  41. Miss Zara [at] Christian Maidens throughout the World
I am so excited and am wanting to celebrate by getting my grove on! Hum, eh, the sad thing is, I lost my grove and can't find it! It's lost for all eternity. No wonder I can't dance!!! I'll give it a try though. Thanks so much for wanting to be apart of my blog by following it!

Note: The names that have a small *star * on the left side of them is an indicator that I do not have that person's blog link. So if you are one of these people, and want me to put your blog on this post, comment bellow. If your blog is private, then you don't have to do this. I am just doing a post about my followers...the links are just so others can check your blogs out. I am not looking to be invited to your blog (don't feel like you have to) because that's not what I am asking.

Another Note: Also, there are two names that do not have this *star* or a link, that is because these people's blogs do not reflect my views at all (I am really surprised and hopeful that they have followed my blog), but I am sure their views will not jive with most of your views either. I do not wish to soundmean, because I love all my followers, I just choose not to submerse myself in the worldly views of certain subjects. I hope you understand.

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  1. Sorry I don't understand.
    Do you want me to invite you to my blog?
    Mine is a private one.



  2. Hey girl!
    Oh, my main blog is here: I don't go on Castles In The Clouds much, it's just a group blog I do with my sister and one of my good friends.
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! *high-fives you* I love my followers, all 84 of 'em. :)


  3. Oh! LOL! I was just going through all my followers and forgot that yours was private....not, you don't have to invite me. I will take your blog link off the list.

  4. Cool...I'll change that! Thanks for letting me know.

  5. I'm Adria, and my blog address is :) All visiters are welcome, and comments are appreciated!!
    You're an awesome blog friend, Emily!

  6. Ok, thanks LocaChica. I knew that was you, but I wanted to make sure first!

  7. I'm Kristin, and my blog is . Thanks!

  8. Emily, I didn't realize my profile doesn't have my link on it - I'll try to fix that! My blog is

    Thanks so much, girlie! Love your ministry!


  9. No Problem! Got you on the list! Thanks!

  10. Congratulations on 41 followers, Emily! :D


  11. Congrats! I saw that you dont have my link :) here its is

  12. Thanks for the comment on my blog. My story doesn't exactly have a title yet, LOL. I'm calling it "Free," but that's a working title until I find something clever. I'm doing a Rapunzel retelling, and my Rapunzel's name is Charlotte, which actually means "free." I had no idea when I started...I just liked the name, and when I looked up the meaning, everything fit, LOL. It looks like you're keeping up well with two books for NaNoWriMo! I'm struggling with one.


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