A Fight For Life

I’m not an Anti-Abortion speech writer with major experience under my belt nor am I a person who’s spoken to more than twelve people at a time. But that doesn’t exclude me from sharing my opinion and letting my voice be heard. My opinion may not seem like much to a person who professionally advocates for Pro-life organizations, I may not even have all my facts straight; but I do have a gift for writing, and I will use it to spread the word about the choice for Pro-life. For some, having all of the facts on abortion can change that person’s decision, while some just need to take one look at the graphic abortion photos to understand that their decision to have an abortion doesn’t get rid of a lifeless blob, but it kills a helpless, living human being.
“What’s up with the whole pro-choice thing? Didn’t the girl make her choice that night in bed with that guy? Sometimes there shouldn’t be second chances.” I love this saying because it is so true. Girls make the decision to have sex, knowing that it could possibly change their lives forever if they get pregnant or contract an STD. However, that doesn’t make it right for the girl to choose the future of her unborn child; which is a living, thinking, breathing human. According to Abortion73.com, “On average, women give at least 3 reasons for choosing abortion: 3/4 say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or other responsibilities; about 3/4 say they cannot afford a child; and 1/2 say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner." (AGI). Aborting a baby because it interferes with your personal life isn’t a good reason to murder a baby; in fact, there is absolutely no good reason at all!

When it comes to teens and sex, it's the parent’s responsibility, to teach their children about sex, becasue the schools are not going to teach the children about remaining sexually pure until marriage, and that involving themselves in the dishonorable acts will result in consequences such as, a baby or a STDs. If the teen is not taught about the consequences and if the parents do not talk with their teen about sex, then they will never learn what is right and what is wrong. Having an abortion is like running away from the responsibility and the consequences that the person has made for herself. “Abortion is one of the most common surgical procedures in the world. Abortion destroys almost 4,000 babies a day in the U.S. and 130,000 a day world wide.”

Abortion doesn't solve anything, and in the eyes of the Lord it is murder. The person who has had sex outside of marriage should be held accountable and take care of the child. Abortion is in NO WAY valid in any case. Accepting that she did wrong and taking charge for her mistakes is the mature and motherly thing to do. Think for a minute....how would you feel if your mother ever thought about aborting you? How would you feel? For the unborn, aborted babies, they’ll never get the chance to experience life. Life is too precious to simply throw away. “A baby’s heart begins beating at 18-25 days, and his or her brain waves can be recorded at 40 days.” Is that not proof enough that an unborn child is a living human?

Babies have no ‘say’ whether it’s ok for the mother to have an abortion or not. Nobody asked the baby whether or not they wanted to die, it wasn’t their choice. We all have a purpose in life, and what we choose to do with that purpose is up to us. If you think about it-- in a strange and sad way-- being aborted was the child’s purpose, so that others may know the harsh reality of what abortion is really like. Babies are precious gifts from our Heavenly Creator not to be taken for granted and murdered because it’s the only way out of the problem. Life is short. Babies that are being aborted will never get the chance to breath their first breath, cry for the first time, experience his or her mother’s gentle, loving touch, take a long, soothing snooze with mom and dad; and most of them won’t ever have a name.

These poor babies don’t get a decent burial, they get dumped in the trash like garbage, but some are lucky enough to get a coffin and a small ceremony. How can a mother bury the child she just aborted without guilt? I pray for the unborn babies about to be aborted and I pray for their mothers…that they will have a change of heart and save their precious little one from a horrible death. God is the giver and sustainer of life…he’s the author of every human being and no one has the right to disrespect, dishonor or trash his creation. Who will speak for the helpless ones? Who will stand up for the babies who are subjected to this terrible method of death? Who is brave enough to stand up for their beliefs, even if they are scorned and ridiculed? In Genesis 50:20 it says, "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives."

Everyone has a purpose, and even an aborted child has one. Their purpose will never make them the president of the U.S or a person who finds the cure for cancer, but their purpose was to be the voice of every child ever aborted…they are the advocate of life, every aborted baby has a voice—though they are dead, yet they still speak!


  1. That was great, Emily!! I love how you aren't afraid to share what you believe. You have strong, firm convictions that you stick to. Way to go girl!!

  2. That was very good Emily! Good points, thanks for posting this! :) I agree with LocaChica!
    Oh, and I awarded you...go here to see the post:




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