I Am: Homeschooled

Homeschooling! I have always been home-schooled and have never once in my life stepped into a public school until last week. WOW! I was shocked to see how many students were cramped into one room! I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to learn at home with my family! The home-schooled part of the worlds population always gets labeled as unsocial, freaks, weirdos, just to name a few. Maybe you haven't been called these, but I know quiet a few, like me, have.

Here are some reasons I am thankful for being home-schooled:

Reason One: I am able to learn about Jesus Christ and His Creation.
  • Yes! I am so happy and thankful to be able to learn about Christ and Creation without getting the secular view of how things 'came into place'; 'the universe just happened'; 'Jesus was a prophet'. By homeschooling, I by-pass all of that slander and get to know the truth.
Reason Two: People say "Homeschoolers are weirdies or freaks who live outside 'normal' society."
  • They really think that, huh? Well, my family is as average as you can get! We don't live in a crazy dungeon with tomb stones in our yard, or medieval weapons hanging on our walls or a cauldron in out living room. If you had to pick me out in a group of teens, you wouldn't be able to because that's how well most home-schoolers blend (but still stick out just a tad!)
Reason Three: I am socially equip and able to go out and be real.
  • I have to say that being home-schooled has allowed me more opportunities to 'socialize' that most public schooled kids. I have never been one without words even if it is a sentence here and there. I am a well rounded individual and can carry on a lengthy conversation on almost any subject (except math). I am thankful that my parents were willing to teach me at home so that I would become a well-learned, more socialized individual.
Reason Four: I am learning about the real world at home.
  • I am thankful my mom and dad kept me at home and are willing to teach me the awkward subject most parents and teens don't want to talk about. Instead of learning about 'real life' at school were a number of teen girls are pregnant, I am able to learn about what life truly is about: serving God and following his plan for me--not the other way around.
Reason Five: There's always good food!
  • Oh! I can taste my grandma's sweet yeast rolls now, my aunts ginger cookies and my mom's chicken pot pie. When is dinner?!!!! I am thankful that I live with a wonderful family that knows how to cook a fine meal for any occasion.

Reason Six: Love will keep us together....
  • There are more reasons, but I'll stop there. Today I give thanks for being home-schooled, in America, at home with my family. I have such a deep connection with everyone that we often finish each other's sentences, have the same likes and dislikes, crave the same things and love the dickens out of each other!
This is what I am thankful for today! I am blessed to be given this chance to school at home, get to know my parents, develop a relationship with them as well as my siblings and learn about Lord!

Note: None of these reasons were meant to offend public-schoolers, this is just my opinion, and if you were insulted in any way, I give you my apologizes.


  1. Wonderful! :) I loved this post. I go to private school and we are always made fun of because we are Christians and wear uniforms.

    Many blessings,


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