The Evolution Of Beauty

I am not endorsing Dove soap on this blog, this video is just to show the dramatic transformation of a woman after she is given a makeover and then fixed up in Photoshop.

This is everyone's perception of beauty?!!!! Sad, huh? Think every actor, actress and model naturally looks fabulous behind a camera? Think again. They're an Average looking Joe just like the rest of us, except they have the help of computer software to make them look flawless. It's not real, natural, and definitely not the way God intended us to look like.

You are beautiful, so don't ever doubt that! And don't be ashamed to show it either (not with immodest clothing, but with respect for your self). Hold your head up high, smile and let the love of God shine through. The next time you look at a model with perfect skin, or an actress's photo with flawless shin and a in-shape body--think about how much makeup and Photo-shopping it took to make them look like are too beautiful to hide the natural beauty God has given you. Every part of you is unique and just the way God planned it. Don't change you body for the world. Change your heart for God.


  1. wow! that is an amazing video!!! wow!

  2. Wow! It's incredible how they can do that, I mean..not really incredible in the way they use it to create such an impossible standard of beauty, but quite interesting!


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