This was an email sent to me by my mom and I thought it was so cool. Hence the really big bold letters saying: THESE ARE REALLY REALLY COOL!!!!! ENJOY!!

An Easter Hay Bunny in October?!

Ah, A Hay Pumpkin

Hay People

What? Frosty the Hay Man?

The King's Hay Castle

The Haydge Stone

Awe, Another Hay Pumpkin!

A Cumf-hay Landing

Oh No! It's Haymungousaur. Run!

The Three Hay-migos

Aren't Thay cute?!

Cool.... Hay Crafts!

Uh....What's It Supposed To Be?

Another Castle Fit For A Hay King

Mr. Hay Face

Ah! The Pumpkin Looking Hay Men!

A friendly Hay Spider. Huh?

A Wolf Out Of Hay. Vuala!

George the Scary Hay-bell!

A Hay Rocket

A Maze! Wow, And Its Of Hay :)
No Way! A Hay Mill....

Cool! A Ferris Wheel Out Of Hay!

Bubbles The Hay-bell. And His Friend Larry :)

A Satellite! Now I Can Talk To The Hay Martians!

Cute Piggy!

Good Job, Hay People! Oops, You Missed A Spot...

What Do You Think This Is? I Have No Clue!


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