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Being modest doesn’t mean that you have to look like a slump. You can still be fashionable and make a statement without making the wrong impression. People look at how you dress, hold yourself and how you act. And the main part of the human population of those people are guys. Guys are visual learners, which mean that they are looking at the way girls dress, act, walk, talk, etc. As girls, we must be careful in how we present ourselves in public, so that we don't draw any unwanted attention to ourselves.

The way to avoid this is to simply dress modestly. Yay! The word modesty automatically makes me think of old lady's clothes. But, I have learned that it doesn't have to be like that, there are many different ways to dress and still look good!

Here are some "do-nots" in my fashion book that are immodest, revealing and attract way too much attention:

Daisy Duke shorts. I don't know if this bothers you....but I don't really enjoy seeing other peoples bottoms if I can help it. These short shorts are an automatic no-no. This is way to showy for a Christian girl and not something that would help the guys be good Christian men.

I have nothing wrong with the style or the color of this shirt. That's not what bothers me. What does bother me though, is the fact that when it's on a girl's body it looks way too tight. Everything is enhanced. A great way to attract unwanted eye....but not what we should be trying to do. However, this shirt would be okay if it wasn't so form fitting.

This shirt is too sherry. You can see right through it! But as long as there is a modest T-shirt under this over-exposing nightgown thingy, it wouldn't be too bad. I wouldn't wear it because it would show flaunt things that no one should see. And it would expose way too much bra and other stuff like that. And if your not into the torn up, grungy look that spans way back into the 80s, then you would probably not want this look.

Here's a shirt (bodice) that I can't stand on any girl. It belongs under a shirt, not to replace the shirt! It shows way too much chest, which doesn't need to be displayed quite so freely. This shirt is like headlights to a buck.....or in this case a boy, man or even an old grandpa!

Now, you guys know that boys need to be respected just as much as girls do, right? So, what's a good way to do that? way is to be modest and treat them, along with yourself, with the dignity and decency you both deserve. God did not create your body to be exposed to every single person in America or the world. You body is God's temple and how you treat it reflects of how you see yourself and God. Be kind to yourself and keep in mind that guys are always watching and looking at what you small hint of expose, like a bra strap send them "drooling like a pack of dogs." (pastor's words). Guys want to do what's right, and Christian guys try to be Godly. But when girls wear clothing that exposes their body, then it becomes difficult for boys. They are only humans.
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  1. Soo true! Thanks for standing up and facing this issue head on!

  2. Hey Emily,
    I really liked this post; it didn't tell me that I have to wear long skirts and long-sleeved shirts. But it did give me some guidelines. Thanks so much, Em...

    Luv,Emii :)

  3. great post, Emily! i started reading and couldn't stop! great points!

  4. Thanks guys. I am glad you enjoys this post!


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