And The Bride Wore White; Part 1

The devil...was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth for there is no truth in him. While he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies." (John 8:44).
"The beauty of sexual love is being camouflaged by big fat lies." (Gresh, 22).
Have you ever heard those sly words that seem to make everything justifiable? You probably know what they are, you've probably said them before or at least thought about them, "Everyone is doing it!" That my friends, is one of Satan's favorite quotes. A Lie.

Satan uses the most beautiful thing God has created--the sexual union between husband and wife--instead of glorifying sex and using it for God's planned purpose, Satan uses that wonderful gift against us. He will taunt us, pester us and tempt us to give our gift of purity away to the first guy we meet. Satan wants to rob us of our innocence and glorified purity--that should be kept under lock and key for the man you're destined to marry and not some average Joe.

There are many situations in life that Satan can use to tempt you into having sex before marriage; some of them are more obvious than others. However, everyone goes through them, some make it through those big, fat lies with a new appreciation for the gift God has given them, while others wish they had their innocence back.

Here are some situations that you might have heard of before:

Number One: A sexual relationship with your boyfriend can heal the pain and rejection of your family. Or it can make you feel need the love that you never got from your mother or father.Number Two: You can loose your boyfriend if you don't give him the sexual fulfillment that he needs.Number Three: You can do everything but actual intercourse like safe sex and still be pure.
In The Glory of Sex, Edwin Louis Cole refers to a study of 1,000 teenagers! The big study found that, "fifty percent had admitted that they had already engaged in sex while still in high school." (Cole, 34).

Do you know the consequences for our sexual sins if they are not used the right way? Girls, there are many, many consequences and they often have long lasting effects on your mind, body and soul.

Having safe sex and using "condoms" will NOT reduce the chances of getting Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Condoms or not, there is a good chance you will--if you choose to give away your purity--get an STD like Human Papillomavirus or AIDS. If you think about the consequences of practicing sex before marriage, to the consequences of waiting. They are so different in comparison!

Sex Before Marriage

Number One: The is a high chance of getting and STD.
Number Two: Being used can result in painful rejections as they guys you are with decides that he is bored with you and moves on to another girl who is better that you.
Number Three: You will most likely have a guy who cares little about you as a person. He doesn't see you as the beautiful girl God has created you to be, he doesn't respect you, he only sees you an an object that is disposable.
Number Four: You are stripped of your self-worth and dignity. And when you are married you marriage will always be in question.

Saving Sex For Marriage

Number One: You will be pure and blameless and will be able to offer that Special Someone you're whole heart instead on only a fraction of it.
Number Two: You will be with the guy God has planed you to be with sine you were created. He will respect you, love you and care for you.
Number Three: You marriage will be blessed and your relationship with each other will be easier (maybe) than if you had given yourself away.

Satan is threatened by your willingness to stay pure, and saving your gift drives him crazy! He will do anything to get you to stray from the path of purity, that's why you must learn to say NO! Ask God for guidance, and he will help you.
"Remember, what is given away without a lifetime comittment can never be recovered and given to the one who will make a comittment." (My Dad).
Be a Bride of Christ. Fight the good fight of Purity! And when you are tempted to have sex --imagine your future children standing right beside you and saying, "This is not my daddy."

1. Danan Gresh, And the Bride Wore White (Tyndale House Publishers, 1984), 22.
2. Edwin Louis Cole, The Glory of Sex (Tulsa: Honor book, 1993), 34.


  1. Hey Emily,

    Thanks for that great post. I really TRUELY agree with you. I hate it how the devil has just totally turned it around. When we say the word, it's no long something god created the have children and live life for God, but we think of it as somethign gross and yaa.

    Though, when people DO do it out of marriage i'd call that gross and bad, of couse.

    But it's just so... horrible.

    Please pray for my cousin -- sixteen yrs old -- she's got a boyfriend who is 24. He's so weird, not good, and is into real bad stuff. So please pray he gets out of her life, because.... i dont really know, but they probably HAVE had sex. YUCK, and she's only sixteen, but yeah.

    She's told me though, that she's slept with heaps of guys, so I wouldnt be suprised if she said she slept with her boyfriend... please please pray that he gets out of her life because her Mom died -- my closest aunt ever -- last yr, and her dad has a girlfriend and they kiss and they do everything gross -- that lady better not EVER take my aunts place EVER -- and theyre meant to be christians but...


    Oh, and I changed the address of the chat-on-com thing. it used to be and all but it's now

    wow, that was a really long comment. it could be a post!!


  2. This is a beautiful post! So many young men and women are giving their most important gift away without thought. I love how this breaks it down. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Emily,
    I've always said I wasn't going to have sex before I was married -- and I will always stand by that. But now I know that I will have to be strong, and to be really careful.

    Thanks so much for this post, I truly think I understand now, at least a little more, what a gift purity is :)



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