Movie Review--Disturbia

This past weekend a lot of movies that I have never seen have been on TV. And being a lover of movies, I couldn't resist watching one movie in particular: DISTURBIA.

Moral Rating: I would definitely advise those who are against viewing anything, whether it is kissing or hugging of the opposite gender to be advised that there are some scenes that are questionable--you might have to fast forward. I don't remember hearing a considerable amount of bad language, but there were a few times that I heard some foul language and saw some hand gestures. So, I would rate the movie as BELOW AVERAGE.

Movie Quality: I thought the quality of the movie was very well put together. I would give the quality of the movie a full **** (four stars!).

Primary Audience: Due to the violence and questionably immoral scenes, I would say that this movie is directed towards an older audience--ADULTS AND OLDER TEENS.

Genre: Thriller

“Every killer lives next door to someone.”

The movie was an intense... about a boy "Kale" (Shia LaBeouf) who is sentences to 3 months of house arrest. over the coarse of the 3 months he starts to spy on his neighbors. When watching one particular neighbor, Kale begins to notice that his daily routine seems to be a bit erratic, as his neighbor sneaks in late at night and oftentimes mysteriously disappears in the day. When similarities begin to surface between the neighbor and the attributes of the killer on the nightly news, Kale knows that he has to prove his neighbor’s guilt or risk other innocent lives being taken.
Note: this movie was originally rate R "for violence and terror".
I have heard from my friends, that they were surprised to see multiple shots of a porn film, showing a topless woman. But while watching the movie on TV, I didn't see anything like that because they took that out. I definitely wouldn't recommend you watching this movie, unless you are a die-hard, thriller-seeker and the porn and other eccentric senses doesn't bother you, like it did me and my family... puts it this way: "From a Christian point of view, this film offered some moments of positive moral content. Kale’s willingness to risk his life for others was very admirable, as “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” (TNIV). Themes of friendship and courage are present pervasively throughout the movie. However, the final act takes a disappointing turn, which is all I will say so as not to give anything away to those planning on viewing the movie.
In closing, “Disturbia” was an enjoyable film. The pacing was relaxed, a nice change from many recent movies that feel overly rushed in an attempt to keep the audience’s attention. It’s nice to see a movie that still remembers how to tell a story. The script was also well-written for the most part, avoiding too many boring cliches. No qualms could be made with either the directing or cinematography of the film either, as both were extremely well done for a teen-oriented film. Also impressive was Shia LeBeouf’s portrayal of Kale. For those that remember him as that annoying little kid in “Even Stevens,” they’ll be shocked to his engaging part in this film. After all, in a movie such as “Disturbia”, taking place in mainly one location with few characters, the film succeeds or fails based on its leading character, and thankfully this film succeeds. In the end, “Disturbia” was a pretty good piece of escapist entertainment, nevertheless I’ll still be at home imagining my re-write of the ending."
Violence: Heavy ::: Profanity: Moderate ::: Sex/Nudity: Moderate

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  1. Thankyou for the review! It doesn't sound like my kind of movie, so I appreciate you doing thiis :)


  2. Hi Emily! Thanks for posting this review on here...I like thrilles too, like The Village and Signs. My mom will have to look into this one, it sounds like it might be interesting!
    I like how you've changed your blog :)

  3. Oooh! It is an awesome movie! I loved every minute of it :) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I kind of think I don't want to see this movie. I typically don't watch thrillers but thanks for the review.=)

  5.'re welcome Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by :)


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