The Ring On My Finger

The ring on my finger reminds me,
Of the promise I am about to make.
That when I look up my faith won't flee,
Because the temptation is only fake.
I stare at my finger telling myself,
It won't be worth it.
To give my purity away to sit on a shelf,
Where my other promises sit.
I refuse to let this one go,
I'm doing it for me.
No one understands though,
Because my thoughts they won't see.
They don't know why I want to wait,
For the love of my life on my wedding day.
Why I will give it only to my soul mate,
That's crazy is what they say.
Just because it's something they don't understand,
It instantly becomes something they call stupid.
So their attention I demand,
To explain it to them like cupid.
I'll have me and purity ring to thank,
On my wedding day.
For I won't sit at second rank,
Because only then will I give myself away.
~Author Unknown~


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