Courting Today and Yesterday

In today’s world, we find ourselves bombarded by the dating culture. Dating has been watered down by America’s low standards. Today, people don’t always date to fine that “special someone”, they date because everyone else is doing it, or they do it for the sex. Unfortunately, I do not think all modern dating techniques are appropriate. The problem with dating today is that women and men don’t always look for the qualities of a good spouse. Instead they are caught up in the moment-- which consequently, may cause the person to make irrational decisions. 

Now, I don’t know much about the whole dating scene, because I have never dated. But I will, respectfully give my opinion of modern dating vs. courting. I for one am not a person who would do online dating. With online dating—like many chat rooms—the person whom you are talking to may not be who you think they are. Is it unsafe to talk to a total stranger online? I am not a fan of the whole online communication thing--even though I do blog. But it can be a potential hazard when dating and chatting online. Guys are sneaky and will do just about anything to get a girl to believe them. You not only have dangerous sexual predators, but computer viruses can be planted into your computer. Better to be safe than sorry, so let your parents know of any chat rooms or dating rooms your involved it and don't be secretive.

Another modern dating technique--that I am not too fond of-- is blind dating. If I were to go on a date, I would want to know exactly who I am dating. I am not saying that the person isn't a good person, he may be the nicest person in the world! But, I think that when you are first dating, you should know a little bit about that certain person and his background, it just seems logical. You don't want to rush into things, you'll end up getting hurt...take your time to get to know the person before you move to the next level in your relationship.
Courting--as you may have noticed-- is the old-fashioned way to say dating. The courting of yesterday, is contrastingly different to those of the modern times. 

Back then, getting a hard-working, dependable man was a top priority in a woman’s life. Courting definitely isn’t as cool as dating, but it does promote a safer way to connect with that certain person; plus it is a way that doesn't compromise any moral values. The way my grandma and grandpa “dated” isn't the same way my generation “dates”. You know, dating doesn’t always have to be at the movies or at a party. When my grandparents courted, they usually had dinner with his/her family-- but never alone. On occasion, they would have a “date” at church; the Bible placed between them and their parents sitting in the row behind them. 

The dating techniques of today and yesterday have changed dramatically from the face to face conversation, to conversing with each other online; both of which have their pros and cons. But for me, courting would be the best way to date. It may not be the coolest, but it certainly reinforces abstinence, and allows for a better understanding of that person’s character and his or her beliefs.


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