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Hi! My name is Emily, but you can call me Em or Hey You! I answer to both! I am a home-schooled Senior, daughter, sister, friends, Christian and a simple down to earth person who wishes to visit the world, loves to learn about history and does a whole lot of needlework!
Modesty Statement: I believe that my clothing sends a message to those around me and my clothing should reflect my dignity as young
woman professing Jesus Christ.
Purity Statement: I promise God, my future mate and myself, to keep my mind and body morally clean and pure so that when I enter the marriage covalent, I will be able to give myself with a completely clean conscience to my mate.
I have noticed there are TONS of blogs for Stay at Home Moms, Scrap-booking People, Blog Design People, even Frugal People. But there are NEVER ENOUGH blogs directed towards teenaged girls and their faith! That's why I have decided to create this blog for teenaged girls to read about the stuff we care about: God, Beauty, Purity, Life, etc. Here you will get tips, get a laugh, share your love in the Lord and show your Christian blogger pride!

Some things we care about and you will be reading about on this blog:

  • Beauty (everything from doing your nails to dealing with zits)
  • Friends (making them and keeping them)
  • School (we all hate it but we gotta do it so we'll do it with a smile, right?)
  • Purity (from boyfriends and girlfriends to God and abstinence)
  • Family (you know you love them, but sometimes it can be tough dealing with sisters, brothers, parents, grammy, auntie, cousins etc.)
  • Modesty (who doesn't love fashion? But who really thinks being immodest is Hot? I sure don't learn what not to wear God's way)
  • Media (the worldly slant they put on everything, trying to disprove God, say it's OK to have sex before marriage, men can be feminine and women can be more masculine--it's all good, right? No! We'll go in depth on these issues presented to us in the media)
  • Fun Recipes (for those days when there's nothing to do)
  • And a lot more! S
So if you are a teenaged girl (or a teenaged girl at heart) and you are looking for some inspiration or something fun to read, you are at the right place!

Jesus loves YOU!


  1. Hi! I am a Christian Home schooled girl as well....... Please go follow my blog! I think we have a lot of the same interests! I LOVE american girl dolls and collect them (I have 4 big ones and 5 mini ones). I hope to hear back from you soon!



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