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Bipolar, The Unpredictable

Forest Gump's momma was right, "Life is like a box of chocolates." It's never predictable. You are not guaranteed all the best life has to offer. You have to make the best with what you have. And as with whichever piece of chocolate you choose, that's the one you have to swallow. At the age of five-years-old, I didn't think much about what flavor of chocolate I would end up getting as a young adult. Why would a child at that age?
As I got older, I began dreaming of what my life would look like, metaphorically speaking, I was hopeful that my life would end up looking more like a piece of dark chocolate and not like a piece of the bitter tropical coconut, which I strongly disliked.
Bipolar disorder is one of those chocolates that are pretty good at blending in but taste awful when you take your first bite. There's no putting it back in the package, and no sense in spitting it out. Regardless of whether or not you chose your piece wisely, life has a natural wa…

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